Discovery oils help reduce smoking addiction

Discovery oils help reduce smoking addiction

December 2, 2014, 14:11

Discovery oils help reduce smoking addictionFollow-up ((eighth day))

A recent study revealed that there are oils help reduce the addiction of smoking a acids “omega-3″ fatty, where it’s a dietary supplement economic and available to all, can easily reduce the negative side effects of smoking habit destructive.

The study confirmed that eating “omega-3″ reduces the craving for nicotine, as well as reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, smoked per day, according to the agency stated, “Middle East News”.

Smoking is associated with not only the weakness of the blood vessels and the heart, but also the weakness of the immune and cancer device, it also reduces the levels of essential fatty acids in the brain, especially the “omega-3.”

And works lack this important supplement in the cytoskeleton of neurons is damaged, nerve districts in areas of the brain share with a sense of fun and satisfaction.

The results showed that while there was no difference between the two groups at the beginning of the study, and after thirty days of smokers who took the “omega-3″ consumption of smoking rates have declined at a rate of two cigarettes a day, although it did not require them to reduce their smoking habits. J -1