Deputy for the Iraqi bloc free: there are companies that are not known to deal with the central bank to lift and caused the dollar exchange rate

On: Saturday 04/14/2012 11:05

Baghdad (news) .. Called MP / Iraqi bloc of free / Zuhair Araji, the committee formed by the prime minister to investigate the reasons for the high price in front of the dinar. 
They said in a press statement: there is information to suggest that companies that used to deal with the Central Bank, which received official approval in this regard are 21 companies and the Bank only, but what happened later is… the entry of 10 companies and banks on the unknown and having to deal with the Central Bank in foreign currency, for a total companies 31 companies. 
He added that the companies the last 10 started to deal with the Central Bank after been officially announced Company of the 21 within the limits announced by the Bank at the time, and these companies today take the amounts in dollars up to a top of 1 129 Iraqi dinars and turning these funds to these banks and companies that are deposited again in the other banks, offices, intermediate, leads to further increase in the price of the dollar, note that the amounts drawn in foreign currency are large sums of money compared to viability of the Central Bank and the Iraqi economy. 
He explained: that the Commission investigative to study these things carefully to check how to enter these ten companies after the completion of the acceptance of dealing with companies of the 21 that deal in hard currency according to the controls. / Finished / d. Q /