Confirming Shafaq News…an American newspaper: Iraq is the new station for Hamas leaders, with Iranian protection

Confirming Shafaq News…an American newspaper: Iraq is the new station for Hamas leaders, with Iranian protection

2024-06-25 12:57

Confirming Shafaq American newspaper - Iraq is the new station for Hamas leaders with Iranian protectionShafaq News/ With the mounting pressure from Doha and Washington on the leaders of the Hamas movement, to show greater flexibility in the talks for a ceasefire in Gaza, it seems that this pressure has called on the movement to think about its new station, which this time will be in Iraq.

An informed source told Shafaq News Agency on June 13: During the next two days, a relations and media office for the Hamas movement will be opened in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, with official government approvals.

The National newspaper quoted sources as saying that the Iraqi government agreed to this step last month, and Iran will work to protect the movement’s leaders, offices, and individuals in Baghdad, if this step is implemented.

The sources said that Hamas’ security and logistical teams traveled to Baghdad to supervise preparations for this step.

“This step was discussed last May by Hamas’s political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, and representatives of the Iraqi and Iranian governments,” according to a prominent member of the Iraqi parliament with a close relationship with the movement.

The MP explained, “This potential step was reviewed separately last month by Haniyeh and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, via phone.”

The prominent Iraqi MP told The National newspaper: “There is no consensus among Iraqi political groups about Hamas’ move to Baghdad. Some, especially the Kurds and some Sunnis, fear that this will deepen differences with the United States, and despite the lack of consensus, The government’s decision to host Hamas will not be reversed.”

The MP also said, “Baghdad welcomes the idea of ​​Hamas maintaining a high-level presence in Iraq,” pointing out that the movement’s leaders have not yet determined the date for this step.

He added that Hamas opened a political office this month headed by senior official Muhammad al-Hafi in Baghdad, while plans are being made to open a media office in the city within weeks.

Another source said that Hamas plans to maintain some form of representation in Doha to oversee relations with Qatar, which, according to the newspaper, is expected to be among the main contributors to Gaza’s post-war reconstruction efforts.

If Hamas’s political leaders move to Iraq, it would create more challenges for ceasefire negotiations, as Qatar would likely have less influence over the movement, which has controlled Gaza since 2007 and whose political leaders have lived in Doha since 2012.

News of this potential move comes weeks after sources revealed that Hamas leaders are under increasing pressure from Qatar to accept American proposals for a ceasefire and exchange of Palestinian hostages and prisoners with Israel.

Hamas adheres to its determination to achieve a final ceasefire in Gaza, the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces, the reconstruction of the Strip, and the unconditional return of Palestinians displaced by the conflict.

The sources added, “Hamas officials were informed that they may face expulsion from Qatar, and other punitive measures, including freezing their assets outside Gaza, if the movement does not show flexibility in the negotiations.”

This warning was delivered to the political leadership of Hamas, including Haniyeh, at a meeting held in Doha this June with Qatari and Egyptian mediators.

The talks took place after a visit to Doha by the Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, who acts as Washington’s chief mediator of the ceasefire.