Bill Gates disassociates himself from the spread of Corona

Bill Gates disassociates himself from the spread of Corona

24/7/2020 12:57

Bill Gates disassociates himself from the spread of Corona[Follow_Eye]
American billionaire Bill Gates has categorically denied conspiracy theories circulating on social networks that accuse him of being behind the Covid 19-pandemic.
Gates said in an interview with “CNN” that these theories arose from “a bad mixture consisting of a pandemic and social networks and people looking for simplified explanations.”

Newspaper articles and compositions were widely spread on social media and in many languages ​​on this matter. A video clip, for example, accuses Bill Gates of “wanting to get rid of 15 percent of the population” under the guise of vaccinating them, and millions watched this video on YouTube.

“Our organization has given more money than any other vaccine group to save lives,” Gates said in his interview on Thursday. He added that he hoped these conspiracy theories do not lead to alienate people from the vaccine when it is reached.

Gates has allocated a budget of $ 250 million to support the fight against the emerging corona virus, and his foundation has invested billions of dollars 20 years ago in developing health systems in poor countries.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, spotted teams validated the news agency AFP, according to the agency said; Dozens of rumors targeting Gates in many languages ​​and on various social networks such as “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

And while Gates calls for the distribution of drugs and vaccines most in need, not to those who pay the most, the theories circulate accuse him of seeking to use the Corona virus crisis to “control people”, some of which go so far as to talk about a mass poisoning plot in Africa. It is reported that the FBI has investigated Gates on charges of “biological terrorism”.

“I am very convinced that the truth will be known,” Gates commented, and that these conspiracy theories will dissipate.

The pandemic was not only the subject of conspiracy theories, but also produced quantities of rumors and news, especially in Latin America.

In Ecuador, for example, news ranged from the discovery of bodies on the beach to the spread of miraculous medicines, through others.