American newspaper: Abadi is doing the hardest work in the Middle East and his success is more surprising!

American newspaper: Abadi is doing the hardest work in the Middle East and his success is more surprising!

2017/12/05 16:28

American newspaper - Abadi is doing the hardest work in the Middle East and his success is more surprisingBaghdad today – follow-up

Saw the newspaper Foreign Policy , ” Foreign Policy ” specialized international and global political affairs, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi is perhaps ” the most difficult work in the Middle East”, what makes his success more surprising, for reasons further elaborated.

The newspaper says that “Abbadi led during the past year a war to expel a supporter of the cities of Iraq, and launched plans to reform the public sector and the huge corruption in the country, and the formulation of a foreign policy aimed at preventing Iraq from being used as a battle for regional powers,” noting that “Abbadi even united between Different parts of the country’s religious and ethnic communities are behind his agenda – and even with his political opponents making mistakes, his efforts are already paying off. ”

“The most important victory for Abadi in 2017 is the liberation of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, in July. This achievement was achieved largely through its diplomatic defense and military strength,” he said. “Abadi played a pivotal role in convincing the unlikely alliance To the Iraqi security forces, the Kurdish Peshmerga, and the Iranian-backed Shiite factions – all backed by US air strikes – to temporarily give up their differences and fight the terrorist group. ”

“Today’s Iraq is more united than it was before,” he said. “Today’s victory is victory over brutality and terrorism.”

The newspaper said that “Abadi’s attempt to keep Iraq united requires him to fight more than just jihadists. When the Kurds held a referendum on independence, he launched a successful operation to restore the oil-rich Kirkuk region of the Peshmerga, while at the same time, “The attack on the Kurds is an attack on us,” he said on October 17 in response to the Kurdish journey from the newly-controlled areas.

“These moves are an example of Abadi’s ruling philosophy, and it is difficult to exaggerate how revolutionary his approach to Iraq is, and the country has suffered through successive leaders who have tried to concentrate as much power as they can.” Since Abadi took office in 2014 , Has built bridges between the country’s political rivals and, at the same time, strengthened ties with a variety of regional powers, saying that doing so is the only way Iraq can hope to remain in its violent environment and overcome the enormous economic challenges it faces.

“Abadi has worked to ensure that his country is not a playground for wider conflict,” the paper quoted Renad Mansour, a researcher at Chatham House, as saying.

“He has tried to stay away from the only dependence on Tehran by inviting Washington, Washington, Ankara and others to support balanced action.”

However, the newspaper stresses that “Iraqi politics is still a snake hole full of politicians and warlords who love to fail my slaves,” usually that “a daunting defeat may make his task more difficult, the United States and Iran temporarily give up their rivals to fight the jihadist group, but now The Iraqi prime minister must prevent them from renewing their struggle to control his country. ”

“We welcome your support and we would like to work with you, but you do not solve your problem inside Iraq,” the paper said in a simple October letter to Washington and Tehran.

At the same time, his internal reforms are still in their early stages and could be sabotaged by the long-established country’s long-estranged elite, which is why the prime minister is already preparing for his re-election campaign in spring 2018, Changing the rules of the Iraqi political game for good, he will need the Iraqi people directly on his side.