Allawi’s bloc: Abadi deserves a second term

Allawi’s bloc: Abadi deserves a second term

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 12:25:15

Allawis bloc - Abadi deserves a second termThe National Coalition headed by Vice President of the Republic, “Iyad Allawi,” on Thursday, that Prime Minister Haider Abadi deserves the second term of the presidency of the next government to “merit”, while calling for the need to “help” and stand with him in his next war against corruption.

The deputy of the coalition, “Abdul Karim Abtan, said that” the next battle of corruption adopted by Prime Minister Haider Abadi is more important than the battle of Daash because the continuation of corruption will contribute to find a new advocate, “calling for the need to help Abadi and stand with him in his fight against corruption.

“Abbadan” that Abadi personally own large files of corruption while there are other files in the possession of justice and integrity, “without disclosing the nature of those files.

He ruled out “Abtan” that the movements of Abadi election propaganda because it does not need propaganda after the recent victories, “adding that” deserves a second term deservedly and will be elected from the majority of the Iraqi people.