Al-Fateh: America does not want to leave Iraq for these reasons

Al-Fateh: America does not want to leave Iraq for these reasons


Al-Fateh - America does not want to leave Iraq for these reasonsInformation/private..
Today, Saturday, the Al-Fatah Alliance explained the reasons for the American forces’ insistence on remaining in Iraq, while stressing that Washington does not want to leave Iraq “at all.”

The leader of the coalition, Aed Saheb, said in an interview with the “Al-Ma’louma” agency, “America does not want to leave Iraq, given that this region contains the two most important trade corridors around the world between the East and the West, which are the Suez Canal and the port of Al-Faw.”

He wondered: “If the Al-Faw port were to be completed, it would either be an alternative or a solution to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal for the passage of global trade,” pointing to “the global energy market, which depends mainly on what is present in the region, especially as it supplies the world with more than 33%.” “.

The leader of the Al-Amiri coalition explained, “Most of the countries in the region are partners of America, and have allied themselves with the Zionist entity, and therefore Washington came to Iraq to preserve its interests, and this matter made it pay and provide what it provided over the past years, in terms of money and support to this or that party.”

Earlier today, Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, called on the government to implement the decision to end the foreign presence in Iraq, indicating that the House of Representatives’ decision to end the presence of foreign forces in Iraq is a principled and firm decision.

Most of the Iraqi political forces issued their support for the Prime Minister regarding the steps to remove American forces from Iraq after a series of attacks against the Iraqi security forces.