Abadi headed “government crisis” will spend the early years of the four errors in the treatment of al-Maliki

Observers: Abadi headed “government crisis” will spend the early years of the four errors in the treatment of al-Maliki

20/09/2014 (00:01 pm)

Observers - Abadi headed government crisis will spend the early years of the four errors in the treatment of al-MalikiBaghdad / term *

Seeks new prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi to correct the mistakes of his predecessor Nuri al-Maliki, most notably the resolutions set many of those close to him in the last days of his rule, demanding political Vaketl today corrected before everything and ensure they are not repeated in the future.
After the formation of the new Iraqi government on the eighth of this month, focused political blocs attention on two issues, first the formation of an internal system to regulate the work of the Council of Ministers, which was al-Maliki refuses to discuss it for the rest of his powers and wide, without specifying the tasks entrusted to the Minister.
The second issue concerns the Shiite parties that collects Bloc “National Alliance” include the formation of a steering committee of all of its members are from which to make security decisions and political consensus, which is also of the things which was rejected by al-Maliki at the time.
most important issue that dominates the attention of the political blocs is the cancellation of a series of decisions taken by al-Maliki in the final hours of his reign nor know blocs kind, most notably the appointment of many of those close to him in sensitive positions, and withdraw funds without the approval of Parliament.
Among those decisions also appointment of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords is a member of the party “Islamic call” the governor of the Central Bank, in conjunction with the judicial decision sexy surprise in terms of the timing eliminates jailed former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi seven years on corruption charges.
and Shabibi had refused several attempts to owners during the past years to intervene in the work of the central bank and withdraw money from bank reserves, prompting Maliki to fabricate the charge against him and forcing him to leave the country, while He and the current oil minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi decisions issued against Shabibi unjust and called to honor Shabibi.
Among other decisions set its official spokesperson Ali al-Moussawi, director general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the appointment of Zia Quraishi, Director of Finance in his office and agent for the Minister of Planning, and the appointment of former MP for the “state Law “on Alfalh president of the board of trustees,” the Iraqi Media Network. ”
The rest of the decisions do not know the political blocs on them a lot because they are confidential, and speaks deputies behind the scenes for the establishment of al-Maliki appointed dozens of his loyalists in the circles of security and sensitive government and refer others to retire, and the issuance of orders disbursing Financial outside powers, and the granting of high-ranking many of the officers in the army, and these decisions require the approval of Parliament.
MP for the “National Alliance” Hassan Sari said the “debate” that “Parliament will discuss the decisions taken by the previous government, especially that many of them need to be approved Parliament. ”
It is the decisions to which he refers is valid as stipulated in the Constitution in Article (103), a “need parliamentary approval for appointments large civil such as the selection of members of independent bodies including the Central Bank.”
Also, Article 63 of the Constitution says that the ” Parliament approved the appointment of corps commanders in the army and the intelligence director, “but al-Maliki to ignore these things.
A bigger issue is that the staff and officials and leaders of the army and police are still abiding Maliki nor welcome Balebadi, and that al-Maliki had a few days ago criticizing the decisions taken by Abadi.
Maliki is the vice president in the new government criticized during his visit to his hometown in Karbala last Sunday two of Ebadi, the first stop shelling densely populated areas controlled by the organization “Daash” in Mosul and Fallujah, because the bombardment leads to many deaths of innocent populations, and the second formation Army in each province to protect it.
Hours after the decision of the Abadi stop shelling populated areas, lasted some warplanes bombing has raised the question residents about the possibility of lack of respect for the leaders of the army of slaves and their commitment to the orders of al-Maliki.
correct errors al-Maliki, a difficult task and work on do not recur in the future easier task , but this discuss the political blocs core Sunni and Kurdish and Shiite legal safeguards, most notably the formation of an internal system of the Council of Ministers, and an internal system to block the “National Alliance.”
says MP mass of “free” affiliated to Sadrist Prince Kanani’s “Talk” that “the new prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi pledge of the political blocs to formulate rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers in order to prevent the monopoly of decision by the Prime Minister. ”
During the period of the governments of al-Maliki (2006 -2014), there was no law governing the work of the Council of Ministers, is not known minister and deputy prime ministers of their powers, and they were Astaznon Maliki to take any decision.
Due to the absence of this law, there are no controls determine the extent to stop the work of the Council of Ministers, and during the previous years, withdrew about two-thirds the number of ministers in the government, leaving only six ministers out of 27 ministers, and although it continued to al-Maliki in power.
was the last sets the ministers belonging to the his party or his close associates replacements for ministers who withdraw from the government in protest at his policies, as he spent the majority of the duration of his second term as secretary of defense and interior along with his duties as prime minister.
, not Kurds, Sunnis, and the only ones who have suffered from the uniqueness of Maliki in power, even Shiite parties Kaltaar movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and “the Islamic Supreme Council,” led by Ammar al-Hakim, has suffered from being sidelined.
therefore discuss the Shiite parties that make up one block as the “National Alliance” Today drafting an internal system to work, and the composition of the leadership of its members to political decision-making and the security task.
some lawmakers for “National Alliance” said the “discussion” The Sadrists and “Islamic Supreme Council” and the party “Virtue, and Vice-block” rule of law “they want to form a leadership body comprising one representative from each party and its mission monitoring the decisions of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and demanding consultation coalition before taking any important decision.
agreed these parties a few days ago not to allow any prime minister it to continue in power for more than two constituencies to prevent a repeat of the desire of Maliki’s ruling 12 years, as was also agreed to change any Minister of the coalition proved its failure in management.
correct errors Maliki is not an easy task, as the House of Representatives seem pessimistic of the possibility of exceeding the problems of the previous government, they say, government-Abadi is a “government crisis” will spend the early years of the four in processing errors Maliki’s government because they are errors of law, constitutional and great security, most notably that one-third of the area of Iraq outside the authority of the Iraqi government after the fall, however, the organization “Islamic state”.
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