A promising study on hydroxychloroquine treatment and a Trump campaign attached

A promising study on hydroxychloroquine treatment and a Trump campaign attached

7/4 2020 18:39

A promising study on hydroxychloroquine treatment and a Trump campaign attachedAyna News – International

According to a new American study, the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine has made patients of newborn coronavirus in hospitals less likely to die.

Researchers from Henry Ford Medical Group in southern Michigan state said that hydroxychloroquine had helped patients, which reduced their death rates, according to a report by the American “Fox News”, Friday.

The death rate among patients decreased by 66 percent after using hydroxychloroquine, while the percentage decreased by about 71 percent when using hydroxychloroquine azithromycin, according to the study.

The death rate in hospitals using the two drugs reached 18 percent, while it reached 13.5 percent when using hydroxychloroquine.

The death rate in hospitals using azithromycin alone reached 22.4%, and the rate reached 26.4% without using any of the two drugs, according to the study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

“Our results differ from some other studies. What we think is important to us is that patients were treated early,” said Dr. Marcus Zervos, who heads the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Henry Ford Group. In order for hydroxychloroquine to be of benefit, it must be given to the patient before he or she suffers from immune system reactions due to corona.

Trump’s campaign suspends
The campaign of US President Donald Trump issued a statement describing the medicine as wonderful, and said, “Fortunately, the Trump administration secured a massive supply of hydroxychloroquine months ago, the nation is sufficient,” according to the website of the American “Al Hurra” channel.

“However, this is the same drug that has tarnished the media and the Biden campaign for weeks, as doubts have been circulated about him just because President Trump dared mention him as a possible treatment for Corona,” the campaign added.

“The new study from Henry Ford Health Group should be a clear message to the media and Democrats: Stop the strange attempts to discredit hydroxy chloroquine to satisfy your anti-Trump agenda,” the statement continued. The cost may be people’s lives. ”

It is reported that the US Food and Drug Administration canceled the emergency use of the drug malaria hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 last June 15, after a period after Trump endorsed the use of the drug to treat the disease caused by the Coronavirus.

The Food and Drug Administration said it was no longer possible, based on new evidence, to believe that the hydroxychloroquine and its associated chloroquine formulations were effective in treating the respiratory disease caused by the virus.

The move comes after several studies on the drug indicated that it was ineffective, including a large experiment this month that showed that it had failed to prevent infection with people who had been exposed to the virus, which contrasts with the results of the recent study of the Henry Ford Group.

And Trump said in March that the hydroxychloroquine used with the antibiotic azithromycin had “a real opportunity to make a big difference in the history of medicine”.