A parliamentary demand to try al-Maliki on charges of treason

A parliamentary demand to try al-Maliki on charges of treason

DECEMBER 21, 2017 IN

A parliamentary demand to try al-Maliki on charges of treasonSecrets of Media

A member of the House of Representatives for the province of Nineveh, “Farah al-Sarraj,” on Thursday, the number of martyrs of the people of Mosul exceeded 20 thousand, while demanding accountability of the accused, including the fall of Maliki on the hands of Da’ash on June 10, 2014 on charges of treason.

Farah said in a press statement that the Associated Press published a report that between 9,000 and 11,000 civilians were killed during nine months of fighting in Mosul, indicating that these estimates according to our information through our presence in the city are less than the reality, because the number of martyrs Of the civilians is very large and up to 20 thousand civilians or more.
“Unfortunately, today there is a media blackout internally and externally. Sadly, today we have not heard the perpetrators accounting for the greatest disaster of the modern era,” she said. “Are 20,000 innocent civilians not worthy of the government trying the losers? Were the main cause of the fall of the province and the subsequent scourges and destruction of the infrastructure and property of citizens.

Al-Siraj called on Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, the prosecution and the Iraqi judiciary to shoulder their constitutional, legal and national responsibilities and to hold accountable those who are backward and backward in the fall of Mosul and the rest of Iraqi cities on charges of treason and loyalty to those who were considered. And return displaced persons. ”