A New Chest Comment On Al-Maliki’s Leaks: The Speaker’s Mentality And His Relationship With Neighboring Countries Emerge

A New Chest Comment On Al-Maliki’s Leaks: The Speaker’s Mentality And His Relationship With Neighboring Countries Emerge


A New Chest Comment On Al-Malikis Leaks - The Speakers Mentality And His Relationship With Neighboring CountriesEarth News/ Head of the Sadrist movement’s political body, Ahmed Al-Mutairi, indicated on Friday that the recent leaks of the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, highlight the speaker’s mentality and his relationship with neighboring countries.

A statement by Al-Mutairi, received by Earth News, said, “The leaks attributed to Al-Maliki want several things, which are as follows:

1- Sowing discord among the sons of the same sect, especially since the followers of al-Sadr are many and widespread, but the wisdom of Muqtada al-Sadr prevented discord, (And God suffices the believers in fighting, and God is All-Powerful, the Mighty)

2- To highlight the personality of the speaker while he accuses everyone of false and false accusations, so that he is your Lord, the Most High and the only Savior among the men of this country, especially the Shiites among them.

3- His mention of the conspiracy and living this lie, especially since he will ally with those he accused of conspiracy and the Israeli-Gulf workers – as he claims -, so it became clear to everyone his quest for power, even at the expense of values ​​and principles.

4- The leaks highlight the tribal mentality of the speaker and how he seeks refuge with his tribe and wants to engage them in a Shiite-Shiite fight and is not afraid of the sanctity of Iraqi blood, which was the reason for his shedding more than once and in more than one province, as mentioned previously and later.

5- His disdain for the religious reference when he knows that it rejects him by saying (the tempted is not tempted), whether with his person or with his idea and system.

6- If it is true that he said that these leaks were fabricated against him – and this is a remote possibility – we have heard such talk from him over and over again, and this hadith is circulating among most of those who are now opposed to forming the government from the framework, so how can he fabricate what is adopted by him and by them?

7- The leak shows the extent of the speaker’s relationship with the neighboring countries to ask them for cover, money and weapons, and the truthfulness of God Almighty’s saying in it: (Whenever they kindled a fire for war, God extinguishes it, and they strive on the earth to slay corruption and wickedness).

In summary, this leak was intended to destroy the country and kill the people. The government, the respected judiciary and the security authorities must find out from this, and if it was a lie and fabrication, then it must bring the perpetrators to justice, and if it is true and honest – and this is expected – it must bring the speaker to justice.