After Al-Sadr’s sermon, Al-Halbousi calls for a new decade for the political process in Iraq

After Al-Sadr’s sermon, Al-Halbousi calls for a new decade for the political process in Iraq

2022-07-15 08:01

After Al-Sadrs sermon Al-Halbousi calls for a new decade for the political process in IraqShafaq News/ Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi called, on Friday, for a new contract for the political process in Iraq, hours after the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr sent several messages.

Al-Halbousi said in a tweet seen by Shafak News Agency, “What Al-Sadr presented in his message today is a national road map that was the basis for building a strong alliance that adopts these proposals and other basics and necessities of society.”

He added that “the political process needs a new decade in which the national forces adopt the treatment of mistakes and sins, away from the illusions and contracts of the “cosmic conspiracy” that some live in.”

Today, Friday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, renewed his call for the dissolution of armed factions operating outside the framework of the state, while stressing the need for “tested” political figures not to take positions in the next federal government.

This came in a Friday prayer sermon, read on his behalf by Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Jiashi, in the midst of a large crowd of worshipers who follow the Sadrist movement, in a unified prayer held in Al-Sadr City in the capital, Baghdad, at the invitation of Al-Sadr.

The leader of the Sadrist movement also called on the Shiite political blocs to repent to God and to try their corrupt members before the judiciary. He pointed out that “it is not possible to form a strong Iraqi government with unrestrained weapons and unrestrained militias, so they must dissolve all factions, and if the occupier returns, we will all return.”

Al-Sadr, in his name and on behalf of the Popular Mobilization Forces, thanked the people of the Sunni areas liberated from the grip of ISIS, saying that “they accepted us as liberators, and without their cooperation, the usurped lands would not have been liberated. The Mujahideen among them, abandoning favoritism, keeping the crowd away from foreign interference, not engaging in sectarian and foreign wars, and keeping it away from politics and trade.”

In his sermon, Al-Sadr also touched on the formation of the next Iraqi government, saying, “Previously, we have all heard that the experimenter is not tried, and we added it to (Al-Shala’a Qulaa), so do not return the experimenter, for it continues with him. And the suffering of the people continues.

Al-Sadr stressed that “the Iraqi army and police must be respected and the militias’ attacks on them must be stopped, and the militias must be in charge of the rest of the formations and keep them away from the occupier and foreign interference.”