An Iraqi politician names the party that “will lead the overthrow of the regime in Iraq”

An Iraqi politician names the party that “will lead the overthrow of the regime in Iraq”

2022-07-07 07:39

An Iraqi politician names the party that will lead the overthrow of the regime in IraqShafaq News/ The Iraqi politician Laith Shubar said on Wednesday that the UN Security Council will lead a plan for “regime change in Iraq”, which politician Faiq Sheikh Ali spoke about, causing a lot of controversy.

Shuber said during the program “The Decision for You”, which is broadcast on the “Dijla TV” channel, that “the information presented by Faeq Sheikh Ali is correct, and we have information about the initiation of it for months.”

He added that the UN Security Council will lead the scheme that Faik Sheikh Ali talked about.

And the Iraqi politician, Faiq Sheikh Ali, said yesterday, Tuesday, that the existing political system in Iraq will be overthrown through an “international team” he described as great, and through a force that he said is “destroying.”

Sheikh Ali said to the “The Decision for You” program broadcast by “Dijla TV”, which was reviewed by Shafak News Agency, “My appearance on the program will be the last meeting until the year 2024, which will be the maximum date to eliminate the entire political system.”

He said that he had previously warned against the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime, and today he is repeating his warning of that.

Sheikh Ali was asked about the party that will lead the process of overthrowing the regime, and he said, “I will not disclose this, and the political forces do not know about it, as I have reservations about the way in which the current regime will fall, but there is a great international team that is planning now and will end everything through a striking and destructive force to come. Corrupt politicians will not be spared.”

He pointed out that “the next regime will be very strong and fierce, and I do not want to say that it is a dictatorial regime.”

A hadith continued, “The coming regime is a stormy regime that will not be merciful at all, and it will not stand in the way of any force in the world, and there are no Baath men in it or any claim to adhere to the rule from among the Shiites.”

Regarding the role of the religious authority, Sheikh Ali said, “It should not enter the political process and its role will return to its previous era after the change.”

With regard to the fate of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, Sheikh Ali said, “There are two opinions: either he should include him in what will happen to others, or he should isolate himself and go to study in Qom.”

He said, “Iran will not be able to interfere with the change that will happen, for the coming power will outstrip it, and outweigh any power in the world,” pointing out that Iran “has taken a greater role and is weaker than we imagine,” citing, for example, the Iraq-Iran war, which he said, “Saddam Hussein ended Iran and show it its true size.”

He added, “Iran is not a superpower in the region, and it has expanded in the region because of the silence of countries.”

Sheikh Ali also noted, “The two real sacrifices must prepare for the next stage, and they will have a role in the next state, and the next regime may not be parliamentary, but rather will be civilian and not military.”

Regarding Turkey, he said that it will also not interfere, but will release water to Iraq for its reconstruction and construction.

Sheikh Ali attacked Al-Kazemi’s role in the regional mediation between Iran and the Gulf, and said that he “turned into a postman for his own interests, dwarfing the role of Iraq and transforming it.”

Regarding the situation of the Kurdistan Region, Sheikh Ali said that the exit of oil companies from the Kurdistan Region is a lesson for the forces in the region, carried out by the forces that will lead the change.

He continued, “The Kurdistan Region has to adapt to the coming change.”

“The next system will be national, not divided into components,” he said.