Al-Samarrai: The Trio Will Not Be Able To Form A Government

Al-Samarrai: The Trio Will Not Be Able To Form A Government

06/05/2022 | 4:29 PM

Al-Samarrai - The Trio Will Not Be Able To Form A GovernmentInformation / special

A member of the Wisdom Movement, Omar al-Samarrai, confirmed, on Sunday, that the tripartite alliance will not be able to form a government, while he criticized the caretaker government for not providing services to citizens.

Al-Samarrai said in an interview with Al-Information Agency, that “the position of the tripartite alliance is very weak, because until this moment it has not shown its willingness to negotiate with the coordination framework,” stressing “the need for a serious pause between the political forces to extricate the country from what it is.”

He added, that the coordinating framework put forward several initiatives to get out of the current crisis, but to no avail,” noting that “it was submitted to the proposal of the expanded majority government that sponsors all political forces according to their electoral and constituent entitlements.”

And he added, “We assume, for example, that whoever gets 12 seats has one ministry electoral entitlement, while whoever gets 24 seats has two ministries, and this is the concept of the expanded majority.”

He continued, “The coordinating framework does not want to go to forming a larger bloc without referring to the Sadrist movement, as it does not follow the policy of marginalization and exclusion at the expense of the other,” stressing “the need to get out of the political blockage and proceed with forming the largest bloc so that the cabinet can emerge and a candidate for the President of the Republic will be passed.” In the presence of 220 deputies.

And the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Rafiq Al-Salihi, had confirmed earlier, that “some political blocs want to continue the state of political obstruction because they benefit from it to achieve goals and objectives,” calling on “political forces to interact with the coordination framework initiative to cut the way in front of those goals that serve their own interests as well.” Stop the caretaker government from overstepping its powers.” Ended / 25 and