Opening it may topple big heads.. Parliamentary Integrity: “Corruption files” are closed with a “political veto”

Opening it may topple big heads.. Parliamentary Integrity: “Corruption files” are closed with a “political veto”

2022-05-19 07:49

Opening it may topple big heads.. Parliamentary Integrity - Corruption files are closed with a political vetoShafaq News/ On Thursday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed efforts and close steps to uncover major corruption files that topple large political and partisan heads, and uncover cover-up and procrastination of cases that have devoured the country’s resources and public money.

The head of the committee, Nahida Al-Dayni, told Shafak News Agency; “Major corruption files closed with a political and party veto that have not been opened so far over several parliamentary sessions due to their resounding results that topple large fortified parliamentary political and party heads and deals that cannot be aborted.”

Aldaene noted; He pointed out that “the current Integrity Committee includes new faces and personalities who are determined to work professionally in parliament, away from party and factional affiliations, and that a number of large files will be opened and presented to the supervisory and integrity authorities to take the necessary measures.”

Al-Daini indicated that “the politically-wrapped corruption files looted about a third of the country’s revenues and the budgets of projects and services in all sectors, amid the inability of government and regulatory agencies to address them.”

The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee called; The government authorities concerned with integrity and oversight, to cooperate with the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, to take deterrent legal measures regarding corruption cases and to restore the citizen’s confidence in the supervisory and legislative authority.