Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-14-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-14-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-14-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update] FIREFLY: They’re on television again – CBI news. They’re talking about Iraq’s gold reserves. They told us they have 96.4 tons of gold in our reserves and Iraq needs a balance in the basket of reserves and currency…they keep repeating it I guess they’re trying to make sure we understand…

11-13-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] All I have since yesterday is another currency group with currency whales that are traveling today. There was one particular group…had flights canceled on them as they tried to get there. Airlines are suffering right now. They hope to get into the Reno area by 3:00 Reno time today.

11-13-2021 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “AL-KAZEMI’S ADVISOR: THE REST OF KUWAIT’S COMPENSATION IS $600 MILLION” Oh…so Iraq was NOT completely out of Chapter VII as we thought? Now we see why maybe they are holding up the reinstatement of the dinar. I quote from the article – “noting that the completion of these compensations will close any trace and belongings of Chapter VII imposed by the Security Council on Iraq 30 years ago due to the Kuwait war.” So, with the oil revenue that is coming in monthly why wait until early 2022? Are they intentionally waiting while they put in place the remainder plans for currency reform once they are totally out of Chapter VII?

11-13-2021 Intel/Newshound Guru RVAlready …the next 10 days seems like prime territory for the RV. I’m in full agreement with the trigger finally being pulled. Let’s get underway.

11-13-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [What countries has the RV already started in?] it hasn’t started anywhere yet…It will start all over the world at the same time

11-13-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 [Firefly boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV update] FIREFLY: All the previous rates again, they’re talking about it…talking about time for Iraq to return to the glory days. This is a special report that they’re showing to us again. FRANK …they are talking to you from the ‘old glory day’ of your currency to prepare you for the new glory days with the new exchange rate, with the new small category notes although they call them lower notes…when a government or a central bank repeats itself over and over and over again it’s for your education. They’re trying to reprogram you from what you don’t even know about back in 40’s to introduce you to what you’re about to receive now in the new millennium.

11-13-2021 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …The reinstatement must happen and happen soon as Iraq can not move ahead with the economic and investment goals they told us about. In fact they even told us that going “international” is part of this process…Going international means going back online in FOREX…this process of the RV…is moving along nicely. Will it RV in January 2022? I do not know for sure…but it sure looks like they are moving strongly in that direction.

11-13-2021 Newshound/Intel Gurus Walkingstick and Frank26 The Q & A [are] the next thing that we believe you’ll be seen to come about. The spigot has been turned on full blast with the articles that are about to come out with information about the monetary reform, about the education, and it’s coming like an avalanche – fast and powerful…Q & A will be in print very soon. Please enjoy them.

11-13-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [Mark do we have to pay taxes on dinar and dong?] I am told we will not pay taxes on the exchange that it is covered by treaty. [NOTE: Always consult with you tax professionals at the appropriate time.]

11-13-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 You’re gonna have to figure out when to hold them and when to fold them. A lot of people are gonna run to the bank as soon as this happens. That’s a big mistake. First of all the CBI might change things along the way. American banks might change things. Or maybe the spread lowered after a few weeks. I don’t know. The best thing to do is walk to the bank not run to it and learn from the mistakes that others have made in that very beginning of exchanging…