Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-6-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-6-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions10-6-2021 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat The Ministry of Finance announced…Tuesday, that the highest foreign currency reserves in Iraq since in 2014 when they amounted to $82 billion. So, they are now over that amount…They are probably reaching about $90 billion? Then in another article…they tell us that the monetary policy of Iraq depends on the amount of foreign reserves supporting the Iraqi dinar, that is, the efficiency of the reserves and their escalation towards safe lines…we have been watching the amount of reserves all along as a positive sign of moving towards getting the project to delete the zeros accomplished. So this news today reinforces our hopes.

10-6-2021 Newshound Guru BobTheTaxMan Now if the Biden Administration does get what they want and if they do limit our retirement accounts to 10 million dollars this could be a problem Houston…The way around that is your IQD is sitting in your Roth [IRA], you can always pull those notes out because there’s no taxable event to pull those notes themselves out and put it into a CRUT (Charitable Remainder Unitrust). That’ll take that limitation away. You’ll still get money out of that which will be marvelous..

10-6-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 …because they [Iraq] are Article 8 now they have the mechanism…it’s a tool given to them by who? The IMF. To do what? To leave their border and to allow the currency to go up in value. Investors of the Iraqi dinar would you like that? …The evidence that they are Article VIII is that they are using the mechanism to raise the value of their currency…

10-5-2021 Newshound Guru Jeff Final countdown.

10-5-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] There has been a tremendous lack of news on the RV front. We are hearing there is movement in Iraq as far as paying contractors. Most of the contractor contacts I have spoken with, do not believe they will be allowed to spend it until the 15th. It does have a new rate…They specifically said they cannot tell me that rate…this is the first contact I have spoken with in Iraq in awhile…I have known this contractor for a long time. One of the best contacts out there… So, they have been paid at a new rate and they expect freedom of these funds on Oct. 15th. This is a great sign. Could it go before then? Absolutely. I am still hearing very positive things.

10-5-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 [Boot-on-the-ground Firefly TV report] FIREFLY: TV says today the Arab payment system has linked with the Islamic banking and now can interact with with payments…now Saleh on TV talking about need to lower dollar exchange rate. Saying they have reached maximum efficient at current rate and to make projects work they need the exchange rate to favor a stronger dinar value. Saying Iraq must have plans in place and get this done.

10-5-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 [Boot-on-the-ground Firefly TV report continued] FRANK: All they are doing is preparing you…for the announcement of your new currency and your new exchange rate by injecting ideas into your mind into your daily lives that you are about to see a new monetary reform for your currency…What Saleh is trying to tell you is that you now have what is called in the financial world the REER!!! He is expressing to you that you need this true value for your currency in order for everything to work…

10-5-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] I have 3 great contacts in Iraq and I am still hearing nothing. Hitting a stone wall right now. Its impossible to communicate with folks in Iraq right now… We knew at the end there would be disinformation and smoke…and we also knew when we were really close they would clamp down on leaks… I think it is unfolding exactly how they have it planned and scheduled.

10-5-2021 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the news of the success of the reforms so far from the “White Paper” effort are working. At this point in time, we could not get any better news. The news is all about the exchange rate and how Iraq is able to keep the dinar stable. Unfortunately the stability comes at a price at a low price… if they are sincere about January 2022 they must tell the citizens and begin more education and preparations during these next three months. So far so good, so I would not give up hope yet!

10-5-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy This is some good news. We talked about this. I spoke about this. It was a feeling that I had and it looks like it might actually happen. Article: “Al-Kazemi’s advisor proposes solutions to reduce the value of the dollar” This is a biggie! …Let me repeat that. To reduce the value of the dollar. Not the dinar. The dollar. This is the direction we want them to go into…I told you we were going to start getting into an area in which they need more purchasing power.

10-5-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy Quote: “there are expectations that the Iraqi dinar will improve with the development of reserves and this is up to the monetary policy especially since the timing is appropriate and the opportunity is appropriate provided that there is financial discipline and correct development and without them there is no value.” I told you guys it wouldn’t take no 5 years for them to increase the value. My thought was you would see an increase over time because as they continue to rebuild the country they’re going to need that purchasing power.

10-5-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] They are very hush, hush as to what the timing is…they will only say they expect it within this week. That could be 2 minutes from now or days…I don’t know. There is exceptionally great chatter from them. They just will not share specifics with me…I understand.