Al-Kazemi receives ambassadors of 25 brotherly and friendly countries

Al-Kazemi receives ambassadors of 25 brotherly and friendly countries

9/30/2020 13:28

Al-Kazemi receives ambassadors of 25 brotherly and friendly countriesWhere News _ Baghdad

Al-Kazemi received ambassadors from 25 sisterly and friendly countries, upon their request, to discuss recent developments regarding the security of diplomatic missions in Iraq.

Al-Kazemi stressed Iraq’s keenness to impose the rule of law, confine weapons to the hands of the state, and protect diplomatic missions and headquarters, stressing that the perpetrators of attacks on the security of diplomatic missions seek to destabilize Iraq and sabotage its regional and international relations.

He pointed out that these attacks do not target international missions only, but also affect innocent citizens, including children, and that the state’s security institutions are determined to put an end to them, and have begun to take the necessary measures to achieve this goal.

Al-Kazemi emphasized that the outlaws who try to harm Iraq’s reputation and its international obligations are inspired by non-national motives, and they despise the will of the Iraqi people and their religious, political and cultural references that unanimously agreed on the seriousness of what they are doing.
His Excellency added that Iraq, the people and the government, will stand up to these and will work to protect its guests as required by diplomatic norms throughout history, in order to turn the page of conflicts and terrorism and turn to economic and social challenges and development requirements.

For their part, the ambassadors affirmed, in separate interventions, the support of Iraq and its people, respect for its sovereignty, and the pursuit of dialogue to achieve stability and peace, and to ensure friendship and cooperation. With the steps taken by the Iraqi government to end these attacks, prosecute those involved in them, and tighten security measures.

The ambassadors indicated their support for taking more steps to secure Baghdad and enhance the security of the international region, in order for their countries and the international community to continue supporting Iraq and developing political, economic and cultural relations with it.