Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-5-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [Do you believe the rate is in the 2018 budget…?] IT IS 1 TO 1. […you said the budget would be approved at the next session of parliament…Was it passed?] IT IS PASSED…NOTE…BUDGET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RI. […when it ri. Will our government get 1to1 or wait for 3-4 rate?] 1 TO 1 IS FOR IRAQ…3 PLUS WILL EVENTUALLY BE FOR OUTSIDE. […1:1 is for in country. Once that finally happens, will we be waiting the 72-78 days before we see it leave Iraqi borders at a higher rate?] NO LEAVES AT 1 TO 1…RV IS APPROX 72 PLUS. [IYO Once we see the rate on the CBI, will A see his target rate of 4.8 or higher (based on the pic he took with the old currency in it’s hay day) ON/BEFORE the 72-78 days or ON/AFTER 72-78 days.] IMO 3 PLUS WITH A POSSIBILITY TO GO 4 PLUS…CONTROL FLOAT WILL DETERMINE THAT.

2-5-2018 Intel Guru Jester […all that is happening with this memo business and draining the swamp, do you think has any thing to do with the timing the ust is waiting on?] IT HAS TO DO WITH THE US GETTING IT’S STUFF TOGETHER BUT IT IS NOT NECESSARILY ON THE SAME TIME FRAME…REMEMBER I TOLD YOU THEY HAD TO FEEL LIKE THEY COULD TRUST THE US… I THINK THAT MAY BE PART OF IT… THE OTHER GURUS THINK IT IS JUST IRAQ… IT IS A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE…

2-5-2018 Newshound Guru chattels […what do you think still needs to happen?] I would like to see a fully formed government and judiciary as provided for in the Constitution. I would like to see national reconciliation done. I would like to see Article 140 and an HCL. I would like to see resettlement of the displaced and security in Anbar / Nineveh / Kirkuk. I would like to see deposit guaranty insurance implemented with other business laws favoring investors and less corruption.

2-4-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Maliki reveals his plans to become PM once again” Whether we like it or not – this is big news. Maliki plans on trying to retake the PMship in Iraq, even though he doesn’t qualify because of term limits, even though he is corrupt, even though he will destroy the country – he will try. Incredibly – they are letting him run. He should be under investigation…or in jail. BTW – this appears to be a well-timed announcement (on Maliki’s part). You think he doesn’t know the world is deathly afraid of him? I suspect this is a calculated move to scare off some of the donor countries coming to the Kuwait Conference. Maliki has NO USE for the Arabs and Sunnis. He could care less if they show up. He want’s Iranian influence to grow – at all costs.

2-4-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 From Friday’s meeting, we learned of a “plan” for a Slow Roll-Out, however, they are still in planning meetings and this information is very much subject-to-change come Monday. …Iraq Happening: The IMF and the World Bank are reportedly demanding that the 2018 Budget must be approved before the Kuwait Conference on February 12. The payments for the Kurds (once again) is resolved. Article 140 should no longer be an issue. With 140 and the Budget approval being resolved, the coast will be clear for completion of the economic reforms. Bring on the rate change!!

2-4-2018 Newshound Guru G-Lin Article: “Revealed: Deal to oust Abadi, bring Hadi al-Ameri as PM” We just don’t know what is truth or propaganda going into the elections, but I guess we need to see all. But Abadi isn’t winning any popularity contest either. He has been brutal to the Kurds. And Hakim and Sadr are leaning towards Ameri. I’m a bit disappointed in Abadi too. He has had 4 years to clean up the corruption and all he does so far is talk. I think he may have good intentions but Iran still is the strongest influence in Iraq and they may be pushing Ameri.

2-4-2018 Newshound Guru chattels “The market price on the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1237.5 dinars per dollar, ie 123 thousand and 750 dinars per hundred dollars. The prices of selling and buying dollars in the banking companies were: the sale price of one dollar 1242.5 dinars, or 124 thousand and 250 dinars, for one hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1232.5 dinars, or 123 thousand and 250 dinars, for one hundred dollars.” The foregoing is somewhat remarkable due to the recent drop in oil prices / increase in the value of the dollar and the market price of the dinar appears to be holding at the same rate as two days ago.