Parliamentary movement to collect signatures for “postponement of elections”

Parliamentary movement to collect signatures for “postponement of elections”

Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 13:17 pm

Parliamentary movement to collect signatures for postponement of electionsBaghdad / Sky Press

The new Arab newspaper, Tuesday, the deputies to collect signatures to postpone the elections, noting that there are political forces “Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish” with the postponement.

The newspaper quoted a parliamentary source as saying that “some deputies have campaigned to collect signatures, in preparation for the request of the presidency of the parliament introduced a draft resolution to postpone the elections to members of parliament to vote on him,” noting “the presence of political forces Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish with the postponement of the elections.”

He added that “the strongest party demanding the postponement of the elections, is the Sunni deputies who justify this not to return all the displaced to their areas,” pointing to “the accession of parties from the ruling National Alliance to the front demanding the postponement.”

“There are other things that are pushing for postponement, such as the delay of the parliament on the issue of voting on the electoral law,” he said, adding that “the elections will not take place unless there is agreement on a specific wording of the law.”

The head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Hammam Hamoudi, warned on January 6 that postponement of the elections “will open hell to Iraq.”

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, on January 26, the government’s commitment to constitutional entanglements and the holding of elections on time, indicating that the Commission confirmed its readiness to hold parliamentary and local elections in a day.