Parliamentary Finance reveals surprise: can not approve the budget before this date

Parliamentary Finance reveals surprise: can not approve the budget before this date

06 January 2018 – 14:13

Parliamentary Finance reveals surprise - can not approve the budget before this dateSumer News: Baghdad .. The parliamentary Finance Committee, on Saturday, that the adoption of the financial budget law for the current year will be extended to the month of July, noting the inability to approve the budget before the elections.

“The adoption of the budget before the elections is impossible because most of the political blocs strongly oppose the passage of the government sent a proposal for the budget while the government confirms that no possibility of any adjustment because of the liquidity crisis.”

He added that “the right time to approve the budget will be during the month of July, after the elections during the month of May next and the formation of a new government and the appointment of a new prime minister or renew the mandate of Haider Abadi and a new parliament.”

He said Hama, “The government will act according to the law of financial management until the expiration of its legal period and the elections because of the severe review by the political blocs.

The decision of the Finance Committee of Parliament, recently, the government responsibility for delaying the adoption of the general budget for 2018, stressing that the government delayed the submission of the budget to the House of Representatives, which was scheduled to send on October 10, but was sent on 30 November 2017 and delayed In general.

The House of Representatives ended its consultative session, which was held during his legislative holiday, early last month to discuss the federal budget 2018, while the Presidency decided to refer the draft budget to the parliamentary financial committee to prepare a final version and presented in another extraordinary session.