Abadi puts these two prominent figures at the top of the list of “senior corrupt” and judicial referral !!

Abadi puts these two prominent figures at the top of the list of “senior corrupt” and judicial referral !!

28-11-2017 02:29 PM

Abadi puts these two prominent figures at the top of the list of senior corrupt and judicial referralBaghdad News –

An Arab report said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was facing two-dimensional tests; the first had a personal dimension in proving his strong presence, his ability to translate his visions into state building and reform, and the second to fight the big symbols of corruption before going to small- Barzani (on charges of stealing oil from Kirkuk), and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

“The corruption of the corruption of the body of the Iraqi state, after 14 years of looting the treasury of one of the most important oil countries in the world, and after a long delay in fighting corruption and corruption, and it seems that Prime Minister Haider Abadi seriously The second time that his speeches should be transferred from the theoretical framework to the implementation procedures, as his team sees in the following days «the most appropriate time» to launch this campaign ‘.

The report added that ‘Abadi, who has been keen over the past period to emphasize that his next war after the elimination of a supporter will be a war against corruption, sees in the next stage a test two dimensions; the first, carries a personal dimension to prove his strong presence, and his ability to translate his visions in building State and reform, which is a compass to build a national leadership for a man who has not emerged from traditional political houses. In the second, he tested his loyalty and ability to distinguish between his affiliation with the Dawa party on the one hand, and his position as prime minister on the other.

These two reasons, according to the newspaper, are opening the door to great questions about the other motives, and a positive declaration of such a challenge. Abadi adheres to his commitment to his “ministerial statement” and to the constant emphasis on the separation between government performance and political “rivalries”.

The newspaper quotes some of those familiar with the policies of Washington in Mesopotamia, saying that the American and Iranian administrations have so far gathered to keep Abadi in office for a second term to confuse the interests of both parties by maintaining a “moderate” character with “Washington and Tehran lacking a clear vision on how to manage the Iraqi file. Post-urging ».

The sources added that American delegations had been given a “package of advice” on how to manage the “war on corruption” with a strategy that would ensure “victory over the corrupt” on the one hand, and “empties his adversaries of those around them in the first stage, On the other hand.

The sources say that the “money in the hands of the corrupt, from the opponents of Abbadi, a threat to the latter, it must be recovered in the context of draining the sources of their strength,” asserting that “The past era, with its tragedies and woes, must be carried to a specific point (in reference to al-Maliki),” with the escalating talk about “the fall of Maliki’s paper” in the American community to open a new page of the history of Iraq, while avoiding the Iranian administration concerned with the Iraqi file This view of the “most prominent” of its allies in Iraq.

As for the second approach, Abadi calls for fighting the “big symbols of corruption” before going to the “small-scale”, from the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, to those responsible for vital state facilities such as ports and airports.

In the second opinion, a question addressed to those close to al-Maliki about the “readiness” for such a confrontation, they assert in their role, “readiness to comply with the judiciary, if found guilty,” according to the newspaper pointed out in its report.

The newspaper speaks of a very important point denied by the Iraqi government sources according to the existence of lists of names targeted by the campaign «fight corruption», the political aspects of prominent, noting that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi is not within the target of a specific destination, and does not mean someone in isolation from belonging or location, However, the campaign will aim at “proving their guilt and evidence” by the competent judicial authorities, in cooperation with international advisers who provide “advice on how to track the financial movement of the accused.”