Reveal a major deal to rehabilitate Iraq and disrupt the independence of Kurdistan

Reveal a major deal to rehabilitate Iraq and disrupt the independence of Kurdistan

Sunday 27 August 2017 at 14:20 pm

Reveal a major deal to rehabilitate Iraq and disrupt the independence of KurdistanBaghdad / Sky Press

The political and strategic expert Samir Obaid revealed a major American-regional deal to establish special committees to rehabilitate Iraq, in addition to disrupting the Kurdistan referendum.

“The steps have gradually accelerated on the issue of arranging the Iraqi file,” Obaid said in a leaflet on Facebook. “The Iraqi special committees were formed which will receive all the ministries.

He added that “the deal (regional US) was also born to disrupt the referendum and independence of Kurdistan and to sponsor Washington dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad,” noting that “in the event of the referendum will not be recognized by the US and the Gulf and internationally

“The deal is in exchange for the withdrawal of Iran from southern Iraq and allowing Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to rehabilitate Iraq, agricultural, commercial, economic and infrastructure, in exchange for the administration of the file in northern Iraq (US and Turkey) and Turkish coordination with Iran so as to disrupt US support for the independence of Kurdistan, Turkish with the Kurds of Syria !!

He added: “Jordan will be allowed to arrange popular and civilian leaders within the Syrian territory adjacent to Jordan .. in Daraa and in Swaida and other cities in exchange for a complete Iranian withdrawal and the supervision is Turkish !!

He pointed out that “a large cell and a task has been formed to manage the Iraqi file and the formation of committees to manage the Iraqi file .. And has been the selection of high-profile US officials and know the hidden Iraqi file and have experience in working among the Iraqis to be the US Supreme Committee.

Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, who is fluent in Arabic, Persian and English, has served as an ambassador in Iraq, Ambassador John Nerobenti, Wajid, Arabic and English. He added it to five other languages ​​and the Latin American transformer at the end of the last century.

“Ambassador Paul Bremer, the former civilian governor of Iraq and the expert on all corruption, tricks and connections of Iraqi politicians, Jared Kouchner, chief adviser to the White House, and the melting of President Trump, which represents Bremer Althani in terms of location in Iraq, with four companies monitoring US funds will oversee the examination of all files Corruption .. Check the work of the Central Bank and the policy of banks and funding parties and hearing witnesses and investigate all files !!!