Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 6-20-17

Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 6-20-17

25k Iraqi Dinar notesResults currency auction
Announcement No. (3469)

Opening Offers buying and selling foreign currency daily window in the Iraqi Central Bank on Wednesday, a brief summary of 21.06.2017 and the port on Tuesday, a brief summary of 06.20.2017 and the results were as follows:

the details Notes
Number of banks 39
Number of money transfer companies 10
The amount sold by the bank at auction – dollars 159.56225 million
The amount purchased by the bank at the auction – dollar —–
Total Buy Offers – dollar 159.56225 million
Total sales – USD Offers —-

Note that:

Sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad rate (1190) dinars per dollar.
Cash sales price (1190) dollars Danarlkl.