Deputy Prime Minister calls for economic adjustments to the tax laws

BAGHDAD / JD / .. member of the Economic Commission noted the parliamentary bloc, MP Abdul Hussein al-Ahrar Resan that taxes imports accounted for a number very shy in the state budget for this year and previous years.

He said Resan in a press statement, today, received / JD / copy a copy of “The figures formed by the imports tax through the budgets of previous years, very shy, .. as he put it,” adding, “This is proof of the existence of a tax is not effective in Iraq and suffers from something goes wrong, not to mention the non-application of scientific standards in the way the world collect taxes from citizens. “

The Resan that “some of the workers in this device are suffering from a lack of a lot of supplies and logistics personnel and buildings, standards, laws and regulations that are applied.” He said, “The House of Representatives does not mention any other law for taxes yet, and this Parliament of the drawbacks of being a go toward legislation laws are probably unnecessary at the present time and leave the important laws and in contact directly the lives of citizens and the Iraqi economy.”

And Resan “The existence of such an imbalance in the tax system is a proof that the government did not pay attention to this important sector, but depends directly on the oil.”

He pointed out that “Such a method has many disadvantages because all countries have a tax effective with possession of a high percentage of oil imports as it contributes directly to rotate the wheel of economic development by supplementing the state budget a lot of the amounts collected by this device.”

He also called on the Liberal bloc, “the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers to the need to raise new amendments to the laws of the tax law to the parliamentary and economic, which in turn can be based legislation such amendments during the year.”