The document reveals concern Barzani’s party of the death or disability of Talabani

The document reveals concern Barzani’s party of the death or disability of Talabani


The document reveals concern Barzani party of the death or disability of TalabaniPalm – three events coincided together raised speculation about the health of Iraqi President patient Jalal Talabani, and returned controversy about his health and its association with the fate of his party, who is suffering from a crisis of leadership banner, remote defeat time that he suffered in the recent parliamentary elections, as well as the fate of the changes expected at the level of senior leadership of the party, to fill the vacuum created by the absence of Talabani lying in a German hospital for more than 10 months. Add to that raised by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, and the leader Moqtada al-Sadr recently for lack of propriety of keeping the post of head of state is empty, because of the lack of knowledge of the fate of the Iraqi president.

The three events, which coincided yesterday is a statement made by the spokesman of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Azad جندياني, where he confirmed in an interview journalist «stuck to the leadership of his party, led by Talabani, as long as he was alive», categorically that «does not talk about the position of Secretary-General and the alternative at the moment », stressing the lack of appropriate bilateral presidential formula (participatory) for the National Union.

In the same vein, the newspaper «Hawlati» Kurdish independent of a document published location «Wikileaks» in the first of the month of September of 2011, and its content is about the interview took place between the President of the Government of the Territory current Barzani, the political adviser to the U.S. Embassy in Iraq that time Thomas Kratichski, which Barzani expresses his concern about the increased Iranian interference in the areas of the influence of Talabani’s party, Sulaimaniya governorate, in the event of death or disability Talabani from carrying out his duties.

The document, citing Barzani, saying the counselor U.S. The death of Talabani or inability to create a state of chaos and confusion will lead to give a chance for Iran to increase its interventions affairs of the National Union, in the region of Sulaymaniyah, pointing out that the party members Barzani eager to pray for the survival of Talabani members of the his party, to ward off the dangers that may result from his absence.

In a related context, announced publisher notes Iraqi President Iranian writer Irfan contented person for the first edition of notes political Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, documenting the path of his political career for the period from 1933 – 1966, which notes located at 5500 pages, was printed in Beirut, and published in both Arabic and Kurdish.

Three events which coincided together, raised doubts among Al-Sharq Al-Awsat about the existence of the Iraqi president’s health developments, so I contacted a leading source close to him, and asked him about those events and synchronization frequency two weeks ago of the possibility of the death of the President. The source, who requested anonymity: «three events coincided came purely by chance, president Vmzkrat was ready for printing, and was expected issuance of more than two months ago, but technical reasons necessitated the postponement to now.

The statements spokesman for political office, they in turn confirm the positions of the previous leadership of the party not to abandon the leadership of Talabani, and walk on his approach, and waiting for his safe return of his treatment, and by the way, I would like to point out that there are similar cases to put President Talabani recovered completely, for example, one of the sisters of former Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi suffered from the same status as President Talabani but recovered and lived for another 11 years, and this is what we hope for and call of the president. As for the comments and concerns of Mr. Barzani, this is a fact, there are already fears of exploitation of Iran to develop a National Union, in the absence of the president of his death, God forbid.

He noted the source of tax paid by the National Union due to the absence Talabani from the political scene in Kurdistan and Iraq, and said: «For Iraq, missed the wise man who was able to bring together all on the same table, and was the seat of the president full of always litigants and the political parties who were postponing their differences, and seek to resolve them the table of the President, and it is the hope for the unity of Iraq, and here you can see now the situation where Iraqi political marched absence.

As for Kurdistan, it was missing the most influential, especially at the level of his party, if it is present among us of what got the current crisis leadership, as well as we did not expect electoral defeat his presence among us, in addition to the positions of the party blundering in the recent period, which resulted from the absence of Talabani, such as the position of the Convention Dbachan with the MDC opposition, and the extension of the mandate of President Massoud Barzani, who sparked a wave of discontent within the rules of the National Union, and other failures indicated by the spokesman of the Political Bureau the day before yesterday, who said bluntly that there was a lot of decisions and attitudes of the Leadership Council of the party Politburo failed to abide by.

And about his vision for the future of the National Union, in the event of a long absence Talabani, especially with the approaching date of the caucus IV, and whether will resolve the issue of the presidency of the party, the source said: I do not think that there will be radical changes, it is true that there is considerable pressure from the rules and cadres should be exclusion or exemption number of the current leaders at the level of the Political Bureau and the Leadership Council, may get it, but I think that the conflicts and blocs will remain, though there are calls for grassroots deducted to ensure the unity of the party organization, the subject of the presidency, I believe that no one dares to ask or dwell therein In the next stage, as long as the President Talabani is still alive.