British newspaper: regimes in the Gulf States will collapse in a maximum period of 5 years

British newspaper: regimes in the Gulf States will collapse in a maximum period of 5 years

Published 14/10/2013 09:25 AM

regimes in the Gulf States will collapse in a maximum period of 5 yearsBabinaoz / Agencies:
Expressed newspaper “The Guardian” the British, Monday, predicted that under regimes in the Gulf states to collapse within a period of 2-5 years. The newspaper said the words of editor of Middle East affairs, Ian Black, highlighted the book “after the Senate: collapse next to the kings of the Gulf,” the writer British Christopher Davidson, who said that “the monarchies Gulf from Saudi Arabia to its neighbors young five UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, led by Saudi Arabia is governed by long authoritarian regimes too ”

He said Davidson, that those regulations “has become currently outside of time and place, but despite the challenges of bloody conflicts, which is now close to the doorsteps of their homes, and the population rapidly growing, and the effects of violent modernization rapid economic globalization on their conservative; However, these systems have proven superior flexibility,” expressing expect to happen “big change leads to the downfall of these systems in a period of time ranging between two and five years.”

He pointed BlackBerry that “many of the critics are preparing analyzes Davidson accurate and close to reality as the predicted economic crisis that hit the world and hit Dubai in 2009,” betting, that “Accurate Weather Davidson may recur in his vision for the future of the ruling regimes in the Gulf.”

He added, “The predictions Davidson has several elements, the most important elements of the Economic and Social Council, as it believes that, despite the fact that the systems of the Gulf states resilient and stable have not been affected before the wave of the Arab Spring, the issue of fall are just a factor of time”, مردفا that “the question is” when will fall ? “and not” fall? “as described by the author Davidson.”

It is said that the Gulf Arab region or the Arab countries in the Gulf, is the geographical area that remain on the Gulf, and is located in the south-west of the continent of Asia, and is inhabited by people who belong to Arab roots, and speak Arabic as an official language.

The advantage regimes in the Gulf Arab region, that some of the absolute rule derives its policy of King, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar Emiri, Oman-based Sultan, these countries rely on the royal family of the country, with the advantage of Kuwait as a state princely unconstitutional, and Bahrain, which is governed by a constitutional monarchy, and the United Arab Emirates United Arab that can be counted, “the Government of the Republic of hereditary.”

And often described those countries by political observers being closed on individual and public freedoms, which is awarded to citizens in a limited except a few exceptions; also that activity and the political movement is weak and also scarce parties and forces that oppose regimes, were not affected by those countries what is known as a wave of Arab Spring remained immune to its effects except country case, which changed the emirate of the country, due Analysts apparent stability enjoyed by the relatively good economic conditions.