Iraqi market for securities Rises to shares of 15 joint-stock company in the market

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. denied Director of Economic Media Center Dergham Mohammed Ali, a tense situation Isaias impact on the high price of the dollar against the dinar, attributing the rise to a series of actions taken by the central bank in determining the buying and selling of the dollar.

Ali told the independent press (Iba) “The political situation did not affect the rise in the dollar, but the actions taken by the central bank are the cause, noting: that the central bank imposed a series of guarantees to buyers dollar so as to ensure go dollar for places identified by the bank does not go for money laundering operations. “

He explained that “the process of selling the dollar were previously being bought dollar cash through remittances and transfer out of Iraq and re-converted again to take advantage of the price difference, as the dollar was pumped out of Iraq in the form of remittances significantly and is then returned into Iraq.”

He stressed that “the beneficiary of the process to transfer money abroad and returned at the second adapter to Iraq is the dollar, which benefit from the price difference, adding that this process is over or on the way to the end.

He pointed to the existence of: a series of restrictions obliges traders who buy the dollar that Eetmmoa real business deals outside Iraq and in the case of purchase transactions shall furnish the Central Bank receipts confirm the arrival of the goods to Iraq. “

He continued, “This action will ensure to make sure the real import process of dollar remittances as it has led to a scarcity relative to the dollar in the market and the high exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.”