2-17-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

2-17-2013 Intel Guru Blaino Maliki’s Goon Judge flees Iraq, this guy fled even though he had 60 days to appeal….Oh what a surprise, I do believe Maliki’s house of sand is starting to blow apart in the wind! this judge was and has been in power since saddam’s days…he is maliki’s right hand judge he goes to when he wants to corrupt things, stop things, get things tossed out of court..he gets this judge to render bogus arrest warrants, etc…this is so huge…Maliki no longer controls the courts…now you will start seeing the laws fly.

2-17-2013 Newshound Guru Mountainman It looks like Tuesday may be our day for the budget. Fingers crossed. “Budget Vote Tuesday: Parliament to resume its session next Tuesday to vote on Budget Law of 2013. The parliament will resume its session on next Tuesday to vote on the Federal Budget law of 2013. Parliamentary source stated to IraqiNews.com “The parliament session of next Tuesday involves only the vote on the Budget law,” but the source did not indicate whether the blocs reached agreement about its draft.”

2-17-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Iraqiya coalition: We have information stating an attempt to bomb Iyad Allawi’s headquarters by missiles.” Very odd timing that Allawi is announced as a legitimate candidate to take over Talabani’s spot as the POR and the very next day his home in Baghdad is hit by a rocket/mortar attack. Has anyone stopped to think about how much a rocket costs?? This was no “para-military” deal. It was government type money spent on this little “raid”. Was it a message? Sure – but what did it say? “WE’RE DESPERATE”!! Me?? I think they smell blood in the water…but that’s just me.

2-17-2013 Intel Guru Blaino $3.86 was the last we HAD… Before the foreign currency screens went dark a couple of days AGO… Oh, by the WAY… They are back up and “renumerating” as of this afternoon!!!

2-17-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know The updates you have been getting from the individual…OCrush are again factual and right inline with everything I keep hearing from my end. In fact, his insight comes from a line of sources that travels a completely different path, yet always ends up near or there about with what I hear. I come this last time to lift up those who fail to see the whole truth and sag with doubt, joy should be upon you now you made it. Smile : ) my friends it’s over!

2-17-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know I have been informed of certain events and timelines that have occurred and are on the forefront of occurring. My husband assures me that the recent Kurdish budget approval is a sure sign that the other blocs are finally in agreement with one another and the Iraqi budget is all but made public. Which this is to be done by mid week or sooner and the revalue is to follow immediately.

2-17-13 Newshound Guru LoriC We’re continuing to see more international pressure from the international community to develop Iraq’s economic sector up to speed to facilitate their accession. These among many other recent reports about the budget progress have me very encouraged.

2-16-2013 Intel Guru Blaino Our contacts and information partners are still adamant that all is in readiness…All is complete and all is prepared…We need only allow the time to pass until the release is moved into the light. It appears to exist in the shadows now and for a brief period of TIME…Most have been silent as the last 16 hours or so have rolled on toward the ultimate satisfaction of our desires! Stand fast and de-stress…We will soon be transported to a brighter future.


2-16-2013 Newshound Guru Shredd The CBI met with “directors-general of private banks and the Iraqi civil operating in the country” to develop these mechanisms so investment can happen. IMO, This confirms for us: 1. The dinar exchange rate is going to grow (no lop). 2. The dinar exchange rate is going to grow quickly (otherwise no need for mechanism to address this issue). 3. The dinar exchange rate is going to grow soon, because: (international investors are not being attracted due to iraq still being in chap 7…and it looks like that is being addressed soon which will remove this negative perception from international investors and they will want to come running to Iraq!). I think the CBI is revealing a lot to us, regarding timing, progress and urgency.

2-16-2013 Newshound Guru Shredd Article: ” Central Bank looking mechanisms to support investment in Iraqi dinar ” IMO, the CBI is saying to us very openly, that the exchange rate is about to and NEEDS TO change quite a bit.. So as not to hinder international investment, I believe the CBI will have mechanisms akin to legal agreements that will adjust the notional amount of investments to adjust as the exchange rate matures to where is normalizes…Now, some of us think the dinar will grow via a free float while others think it will grow via a continued managed float…..or maybe a combination of both. This is exciting to see!

2-16-2013 Intel Guru OCrush This is all moving extremely fast! After Barzannis visit to Russia, all the bloc leaders have entrusted him to head the meetings with the EU in Erbil. Somehow, we believe the political landscape has changed. It seems the blocs that were against Maliki have unified with the Kurds and have allowed Barzanni to head it all! This is fascinating to say the least. There will be many representatives from the EU (ambassadors and so on) to sign agreements since the european framework agreement was put in place a couple of weeks ago. We think the rv will take place before the next weekend is out. Cheers all:)) Wait a minute! I misunderstood my cousins email. The EU already met with Barzanni. This is moving very very fast. They must have completely I mean completely finished this initiative… the blocs leaders are working as a unified unit. Wow!

2-16-2013 Intel Guru Blaino batteries in both cphones [cell phones] are boiling, using a headset, the cphones are too hot to TOUCH…Constant USE…. gold was way down in early trading…Silver too…wf BANK…Open monday??? Hummmm! NOW, We also know a great amount of other details that make it clear THAT…(this is the analyses part) some 26 or so countries are likely about to endure some change in VALUE. Some up a little some down a little, some…Huge with INCREASES…Like our 2 favorites….Any guesses which they might be???? : when??????? When, when, when??? I could tell you “SOON”…. I will not! : there may be some liability involved with a specific time or DATE.

2-16-2013 Intel Guru Blaino where is former chief of staff jack lew???? (unconfirmed new sec of the treasury) ???? where is christine legarde? (imf mfic) [main female in charge!] might they be together in a large stone building with ust over the DOOR…Attending to the birth of something big? methinks that’s a good place to LOOK…The birth announcement may issue forth from there …SAY…Five-ish….Eastern.