1-27-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

1-27-2013 Intel Guru BWM [Will budget trigger rv as so many are saying?] my theory with the budget is sort of like the thought process with Chapter 7… many say you will see the budget announced and then an rv… my thought process is that we COULD see an RV before the budget but if we see a budget before we hear about an rv, if it wasn’t almost simultaneous, it could be a bad thing for us…as you saw today the budget was postponed again…why? I still believe they are trying to put this through and if they were to put out all these things from Iraq they’d have no more excuses as to why we haven’t seen it.

1-26-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know I hope your spirits are flying high, as they should be, here’s why. World wide investors are meeting in droves with different Iraqi agencies to finalize agreements that have been pending international banking regulations. Also, as you have been reading from certain posts (OCrush) many laws and events are lining up for the execution of currency revalue that we all have been waiting for. Yes, this is the very end of this journey. Be excited! Much of what you hear has been mis-representation of the truth, this is not. Rate will be $3.42 and rise over the course time. Budget approval along with the revealing of chapter 7 freedom, Hydro Carbon Law and other awaited events will be announced at the same time. We are expecting this within days of happening.