Finance Committee: Japan have indicated their willingness to support the Iraqi economy in all its different sectors

Follow-up – and babysit – The member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Najiba Najib, Japan’s desire to provide support and assistance for the development of the Iraqi economy in all sectors, especially money and banking sectors.

Najib said: that Iraq needs to support its economy by the developed countries, especially Japan being one of the economically developed countries, through gaining experience and the introduction of modern technology at work.

She added: Japan expressed its readiness to support the national economy through granting of soft loans and interest rate a few do not exceed (1%) and the period of repayment (30) years, in addition to the initiative of the Japanese central bank to provide technical and logistical support to the Iraqi Central Bank, which in turn will develop financial and banking system in country.

It continued: as well as the entry of Japanese companies for the implementation of strategic projects in the country and to provide expertise, technologies, and training of national cadres, and this will enhance the growth of the Iraqi economy