China’s space activities worry America

China’s space activities worry America

Published 14/01/2013 10:12 AM

Babinaoz – agencies:
Official sources said the independent space experts that the United States is concerned that the disruption of the evolving capacities of the China-sensitive satellites the U.S. military and intelligence.

The sources revealed that requested anonymity identity that rated secret U.S. intelligence completed late last year analyzed activities of China’s increasing in space and explain the heightened sensitivity to put satellites U.S. that provide military communications safe and warn of missile enemies, as in the process of coordinating minutes of the sites targeted.

He spoke U.S. Tgariralamkhabrat – according to the same sources – concerns about Beijing’s ability to disable satellites in high orbits, especially with the breadth of its ambitions in space, which could jeopardize the American spaceships severe allergies.

China conducted during the past few years, several experiments anti-satellite in the lower orbits. Washington is keen to monitor Chinese activities which it says can be used to disable satellites, U.S. senior official said at the Pentagon that Washington urged Beijing to avoid a repeat of what happened in January 2007 when led experiment tray to fill space waste.

U.S. officials say that Chinese activities anti-satellite comes within the framework of a major military modernization process during which Beijing Btgrepettan new fighter avoid radar. Beijing also – according to the Americans – Electronic stepped up attacks on foreign computer networks, and launched in 2012 the numbers of military satellites and commercial superiority of the United States.