1-13-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

1-13-2013 Newshound Guru Doc We are much more concerned with HCL. We think this has to happen. It will be the basis to secure assets to back the dinar. If the Kurds walk the party is over and they seem to be running out of patience. The good news is we think the Kurds really do want a unified Iraq but one where there is a shared GOI. We can only hope their patience continues a little while longer.

1-13-2013 Newshound Guru Doc We do not believe chapter 7 is absolutely needed for currency reform. We believe it is intertwined within the grand politics going on. Maliki wants out and the international community wants Iraq to be a global economic force with a democracy. Chapter 7 is simply a leverage point so it would be a great indication Iraq is moving forward. We obviously dont know which will come first but we suspect they might come close together.

1-13-2013 Intel Guru BOBGETZ6 Quote, directly from frozen friend…Folks, this is a global process, …I have never, never, never given a date or rate. I do NOT know who has the button on this. To be honest I really do not want to know. However, this is a process that is very complicated and info leaks through the cracks. Luckily some info becomes available to us. So that being said, you and your family for generations, if used properly, have been blessed beyond…anyway just hold tight it’s coming…and soon.

1-13-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing between tomorrow and monday (more likely tomorrow) there will be a major announcement in iraq, could be rv, release from ch 7, both or any news that will have a major impact on Iraq…rate will be better than the one u r hearing… rumors are VND rate will be between .27 and .57…we are in an anytime now and i am very confident on my time frame…i am convinced on the happy ending of this event.

1-13-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing summary of radio program of dealer: 1. China currency will increase its value 2. Ban KI wants Iraq out of ch 7. That is why Iraq met with big countries 3. Iraq has the biggest reserve in the word (110 billions) 4. Iraq will double its reserve 5. rv could happen in any moment. 6. VND will increase its value. Vietnam has been preparing its people to that when they have said the economy will increase and improve during this year, same happens with Iraq. 7. kuwait prime meet with Maliki (could be tommorow or in any moment)…and the big one and the big one!!!…

1-13-2013 Intel Guru Freeway Bill You know my friends, when I got into this, I knew it would take a long time. I knew it was a world changing event that could not just happen because we are ready to get wealthy. We are the sideline players. We don’t know the plays, we don’t know the rules and we don’t know the game plan. We don’t even know for absolute sure who the game callers are. We got into this, at least I did with the knowledge that the currency HAS to RV before Iraq can do anything normal like trade with other countries, etc. Is it coming? Absolutely! Is the rate going to be high? Sure it is! If it is $1.00, that is high although I expect it to be much higher, I can’t say that with certainty. One day, and I feel it will be sooner than later, we will be shouting FINALLY.

1-12-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar Article: “Sadr: Maliki executing Biden agenda to divide Iraq and call for the appointment of Izzat al-Duri his advisor” For Maliki to even be considering this as an option this late in the game, he must be really getting desperate. He looks as though he may be grasping at straws in which to solve the problems that he himself has instigated. I believe it is too little too late.

1-12-2013 Intel Guru SteveI Referencing Ocrush’s post below: “Spyro said the iqd will revalue this month no matter what” [Ocrush’s] statement is one I absolutely believe 300% as being true and factual. You better get your affairs in order because the time has now run out. It is going to re-valuate to the rate I told you in my previous post. [See SteveI’s post dated 1-5-2013]

1-12-2013 Intel Guru Ocrush I called my second cousin a few days ago…My second cousin has many connections and we are close. He calls this investment ” poor man’s investment to riches”, in other words anyone can afford it and become wealthy. He gave me a name and asked me to research him. His name is Mohamed El-Erian. He is the ceo and co-investment officer of Pimco. On December 24 he was appointed by our President to head the US Global Development Council. Spyro said the iqd will revalue this month no matter what. Following up on my research with him and having a long conversation…Now I know how big this is for the US and why it has taken so long for it to happen.

1-12-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing everything is so positive that i have no room for doubts. [Do you think it will be the the double figures as some expect??] imo, range will be between $5 and $12, so i agreed with my sources on that. i am still confident about jan 15, iraq will be out of ch 7 this month so they need rv too. their 2013 expectations for agriculture, infrastructure, education, energy, industrial development etc. call for a tradeable currency.

1-12-2013 Intel Guru Footforward We have been seeing things about Iraq being split into 3 separate states, I do not believe this is going to happen.

1-12-2013 Newshound Guru Duckyboy Two small glimmers of light…First, Iraq just became the largest oil-producing country to be EITI compliant (an international mechanism to encourage transparency in the oil sector); second, the World Bank just pledged to provide Iraq with $900 million over the next four years, primarily to help it better manage its oil revenues.

1-12-2013 Newshound Guru Duckyboy While Iraq is more stable, its institutions have gained in strength, and its economy in some ways is thriving, there has been little reconciliation between the country’s groups and no development of a shared vision for the country–and therefore only a tenuous basis on which to move forward. The vote of no confidence route was tried last summer and failed… Maliki, in provoking the Kurds, the Sunnis, and the Sadrists (who are Shiites) all simultaneously, may have pushed his luck too far this time. [However], the chances of these groups staying united in parliament long enough to conduct a vote of no-confidence is still unlikely.

1-12-2013 Newshound Guru Duckyboy The following was sent to me by my business partner. This lady knows Iraq very well. I still do not see an end to the RV in sight. Just because the banks are open on Saturday, does not equate to an RV, even if the intentions are to get the old dinar off the street. But common sense dictates that there will be no RV until the GOI is at the very least stable and that is not happening right now.