1-12-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

1-12-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar If Iraq were to come together today, their past corruption is none of our business and I believe the files held at our embassy would never see the light of day just as they have not for the past 6 years. This unfortunately is not the case. Its getting worse not better. I think our embassy has finally come to the conclusion that Maliki must go. The records that have been released are on Maliki, his son and the SOL is just the beginning.. No one else has yet been exposed. If it continues Maliki will be thought of as a pariah even by his supporters. The NA was warned last week that the US embassy has these records of corruption going back to the beginning of Maliki’s term, 6 years. How much will have to be heaped on these guys before they see the writting on the wall is anyones guess. My guess is we now have 2 weeks left. Just a guess.

1-11-2013 Intel Guru Footforward Why are the banks opening on Saturday. It is not to get the dinar off of the street, it’s all been collected. The only people that have dinar in Iraq are the rich and those that are connected and who know what is going to happen. 99.99% of the people in Iraq do not have dinar, they use USD. So, why are the banks opening up on Saturdays? They are going to have a massive demand for people to go into the banks, so what situation would facilitate having the bands open an extra day? What if you have an RV & the people need to change their dollars for lower denoms. They are getting the people prepared for after the RV. I don’t think they will be open just yet.

1-11-2013 Intel Guru BOBGETZ6 Frozen friend was somewhat excited about the banks being open, but cautious as to the reason. [Do you know if this is really extraordinary that the banks will be open on Saturday? Or is this a fairly common occurrence?] Extraordinary, IMO.

1-11-2013 Newshound Guru JustHoping The past few weeks we have witnessed a tremendous amount of activity between Iraq and Kuwait. I do believe this is the final chapter prior to Chapter VII lifting on Iraq…the first quarter of 2013 could be a reasonable window of opportunity for Chapter VII to lift. ..there are still signs citizens are frustrated with worn out banknotes as well as the entire banking process. Economist are still lobbying for currency reform by “dropping the zeros” and printing new currency. But no word from the CBI on this matter…

1-11-2013 Intel Guru Delta [Delta…All the banks in Iraq have agreed to open on Saturday to sell dollars. And your opinion is that the CBI is trying to suck in the last of the 3 zeros before the release of the new rate? Is this what you believe to be happening sir?] YES. [After the release of the initial rate, do you believe it will take years or a relatively short period of time (1 year or less) for the rate to rise to its near maximum potential?] I DO BELIEVE THAT THE RATE WILL SURPRISE EVERY ONE…PLEASANT SURPRISE.

1-11-2013 Newshound Guru Doc The bottom line continues to be as its been. We are reminded that while the news is encouraging it has been in the past too. We can only sit on the side line and hope that this will be the time the issues are finally resolved. It has been reported that all is done like chapter 7 and the HCl but the reality is they have not. Each of these continues to be addressed politically but not signed off on and made public. We hope to see public announcements in near future but until then we sit and wait. We report, you decide.

1-11-2013 Newshound Guru Doc There is more news of the CBI reporting its goal of a international currency. This to is excellent for our cause. To get there we believe things like chapter 7 and HCl would be resolved which would lead to a stronger currency. The other news from the CBI is a quote that the target for the dinar is 25 cents. While these reports have fluctuated in the past they all point to around a $1 or less. We continue to see no evidence of the rumored $3+ rates.

1-11-2013 Newshound Guru Doc There are a lot of encouraging reports in the media these past few days. Our favorite is the Kurds basically thumbing their nose at Maliki and doing business without Bagdad. It definitely got Maliki’s attention in that a delegation of the Kurds will be in Bagdad this weekend to negotiate a final HCl settlement. All joking aside we really need the Kurds and Bagdad to come to an agreement here. An independent Kurd state will not help our cause one little bit. If that happens a lot of the oil that would back the dinar would not be there anymore. Our opinion is the Kurds prefer a shared common government.