Russian nuclear submarine new intercontinental rocket launcher down water

Russian nuclear submarine new intercontinental rocket launcher down water


Palm – out strategic nuclear submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” of military ships factory “Sevmac” in the northern city of Severodvinsk Russia and unloaded into the water on 30 / December.

The news agency quoted “Interfax” a source in the manufacturing sector as saying that the military trials on a new submarine at sea will begin after the New Year, where mentions that the submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” is the third submarine of the class, “Puri” (Project 955).

And built a submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” using the latest technologies to reduce the noise level, and provided the launch complex missile “Bulava” intercontinental ballistic.

The process of manufacturing this submarine on March 19 / March 2006, when celebrated Russia centenary of the submarine fleet, the Russian On 30 December / December, announced the completion of trials submarine first of this class, “Yury Dolgoruky” is scheduled for raising ceremony flag Russian Navy above the submarine in January next and still the second submarine “Alexander Nevsky” under experimentation.