12-24-2012: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!!

12-24-2012 Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy I am still VERY confident that we will see large profits from this. I just recognize that it’s not a given and that neither side (Lop or RV) can prove their arguments at this point. Many are saying that I encourage others to believe in all Iraqi articles. Quite the contrary, I don’t believe in most Iraqi articles actually. I do believe that the HCL, Chapter VII, permanent ministers and a power sharing GOI etc., are all great indicators of general progress though. The only problem is the GOI and CBI has shown very poor punctuality. I have no idea what path the CBI is going to take for sure…this has been a learning process for us all. All we can do is let this play out, continue to speculate and hope for the best.

12-23-2012 Newshound Guru LoriC The article from the CBI is encouraging. However, it does not directly signify a float. The CBI made a decision authorizing the CBI governor to reduce the sale price of the dollar as the market demands. This could apply to many different large appreciation scenarios including a RV/RI. We know that they would never RV to the goal rate because then they would lose their opportunity to buy back at profits. Also, they could RV then float. They can’t tell us they are going to RV. No country has ever announced to the world they were going to RV prior. If they changed the peg this could apply to the new rate also. If you look at what different options the CBI has in raising the rate, of which there are many, you will see that raising the rate as the market demands is a very common element.

12-23-2012 Newshound Guru Randy Koonce Under the circumstances with Talabani, he will be out of the picture, he’s gone. He was a buffer between Maliki & Barzani. Maliki is now meeting with Barzani. They have to come to an agreement regarding Erbil. 90% of the oil is coming out of Kurdistan. Maliki wants out of chapter 7 that’s why he is interested in making a deal with Barzani. We are waiting on an agreement, I think within 4 or 5 days, then we will be sitting pretty. There is extreme pressure for Iraq to get things done. They can’t open their budget until they RV because they don’t have enough money, enough weight, this is another pressure point. From what I heard, the rate could be adjusted maybe a little higher, no less than $3.41, a managed float. This thing is coming to a head. We should see a lot of good things in the next few weeks.

12-23-2012 Newshound Guru Newmonies Article quote: “stating that its actions in autocracy unacceptable and that Iraq can not be judged the way it operates by the Prime Minister” THAT STATEMENT SAYS IT ALL. IF THEY ARE TO MEET WITH THE UNSC IRAQ WOULD BE BLAMED UNFAIRLY FOR THE ACTIONS OF IT’S…PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI. I BET WHEN HE TOLD MALIKI THAT IT DID MAKE HIM SICK. THIS IS GETTING VERY EXCITING.

12-23-2012 Newshound Guru Newmonies Article: “A source in the Prime Minister’s Office: Maliki exposure to a health crisis yesterday after a meeting with U.S. Ambassador” “Maliki told a strong message from the American administration stating that its actions in autocracy unacceptable and that Iraq can not be judged the way it operates by the Prime Minister” THEY CANCELED THE UNSC MEETING SAYING IT’S DUE TO MALIKI’S HEALTH, AS IN HE IS SICK, YEAH RIGHT. THEY TOLD MALIKI…THEY WOULD NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF SUCCESSFUL MEETING WITH THE UNSC WITH ALL …HE HAS PULLED. I WOULD ALSO BET YOU THEY TOLD MALIKI THERE WAS NO WAY…THAT IRAQ WOULD BENEFIT FROM MEETING WITH THE UNSC UNTIL HE DID WHAT HE HAD AGREED TO AND IF HE DID NOT DO IT. THEN THE BLAME WOULD REST ON HIS SHOULDERS.