12-14-2012: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!!

12-14-2012 Newshound Guru Bondlady there’s a ton of great articles that have been out all week and the week before, things that i’ve waited to see in the works for years, article 140, hcl, ch 7, the budget, monetary change…the new money, all of it is in the news everyday…they are all pieces of this whole puzzle we call our investment and without anyone of these things we can’t hope to achieve our wants in all this and we are watching all things come to life…

12-14-2012 Intel Guru Footforward Some think it’s going to be a free float or they will pip the rate. It’s not going to be a free float and it’s not going to just pip up, it can’t work that way. It’s just going to happen and it’s going to happen quickly. Why would they do this with the single most important currency revaluation in history. It’s not going to be $1 and it’s not going to be $.74. I expect a good rate. There is nothing at all that supports a $2.50 RV in Vietnam. The dinar will be the big winner although the dong will be a good investment. I am expecting this to go any anytime.

12-14-2012 Intel Guru Footforward The standby agreement was extended to February 23. This does not mean that they have to wait that long. It can be extended or cancelled at anytime. The articles about the CBI getting permission to RV means nothing. Who gave them permission, the CBI, themselves? Does that make any sense? Do you give yourself permission. Iraq has done everything they need to do. Maliki is not the problem, Shabibi is not the problem. Shabibi is in hiding because of threats on his life.

12-14-2012 Newshound Guru Enorrste It seems evident now that the World Bank/IMF/UN have put significant pressure on Maliki to keep his hands out of the issue…the Finance Committee of PARLIAMENT has stepped back to the forefront where they belong. The article that we read the other night in which the World Bank stated unequivocally that the GOI was to stay out of the business of the CBI obviously carried some weight. Then it was backed up the next day by the IMF and the UN reminded the GOI that Iraq is still under Chapter VII, meaning that the UN can step in any time it wants. Add to that, finally, the fact that US troops are now back in Iraq and you can see that the “squeeze play” on Maliki is beginning to bear fruit. Recall also that we are aware that a contract was signed last September. The CBI is committed to this process and I believe it will be shown shortly that this recent debacle is only a temporary setback. I also believe that January 1 is a key date.

12-13-2012 Intel Guru Angelquest All I can say is it won’t be a dollar and the VND wont be .05 cents. [$3.22 and .48 sound good?] higher… [do you expect this to come out as a managed float?] PERSONALLY I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THAT…I FEEL IT WILL BE ON SAME KEY AS KUWAIT BUT THIS IS MUCH BIGGER WITH MORE OIL ETC…[Are you still looking at 15th-17th? for our blessing?] YES I TRULY AM…BUT WE SHALL SEE FOR SEVERAL WEEKS I HAVE SAID THIS AND WE KNOW IT IS ALL FALLING IN PLACE.

12-13-2012 Intel Guru Angelquest [do you have any facts that you can share with us?] fact…it is done. [Well do you think still before O leaves for vacation?] you betcha i do.

12-13-2012 Newshound Guru Tlar Article: “BSA participate in the meeting of the International Monetary Fund” The CBI now has permission to raise the dinar value. We know that the standby agreement is due in February. We also know that in March Iraq will make some kind of substantial changes to the ration card. We also do know that Shabibi is in Amman as previously stated in an article. I don ‘t think it’s a great leap to assume that the dinar will definitely be on the agenda. In fact I will say that the announcement that was made that the CBI has permission to raise the value of the dinar most likely was pre-approved by the IMF. We know that the IMF is in Iraq at this time. I don’t believe that all these things coming together at this time are coincidental.

12-13-2012 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article – “Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar as possible” “the central bank governor received authorization to raise the price of the dinar safety of the dollar… “the central bank governor will have the option under this authorization in choosing the appropriate time to raise the price of the dinar and it will determine when and how this step is done based on his experience in his field.” very good article…we see that the authorization has been given to raise the value..and it’s in Turki’s hand. It literally could raise in value at any moment.

12-13-2012 Newshound Guru LoriC “The United Nations, on Wednesday, criticized Iraq’s delay in adoption of the law of oil and gas (HCL), while political parties demanded to pass this law as soon as possible, renewed its call for elections in the disputed areas.” The United Nations is criticizing Iraq for the late adoption of the oil and gas law. Martin Kobler, in a speech at the forum said “I call on politicians and Iraqi specialists to pass a law of oil and gas as soon as possible.”