IMF: financial gap threatens America’s economy!!!

IMF: financial gap threatens America’s economy

Saturday 8 December 2012

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Said Director-General of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said the financial gap looming in the United States threaten the country’s economy, and could affect the global economy, and affect Washington’s leadership in the world according to her.

The gap is one of the results of financial austerity measures mandatory loom with the beginning of 2013 because of failure to reach agreement in Congress on the debt reduction plan, prompting the Americans to reduce their consumption.

And engaged in the administration of Barack Obama and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives arduous negotiations to reach an agreement on the debt before the end of the year.

In case no agreement is reached, the tax exemptions and budget cuts will go into effect.

She Lagarde “It’s not just a political problem and not an ideology, but broader than that. It will make the U.S. role in the world from the standpoint of economic and geopolitical into question.” For his part, the White House said U.S. President Barack Obama asked Congress to more than $ 60 billion for areas north-east of the United States hit by hurricane Sandy end of last October.

The Assistant Director of the Office of the White House budget Jeffrey Zinc in a letter to the House of Representatives that the hurricane Sandy is without a doubt the second or third expensive natural disaster in U.S. history in terms of damage caused.

He expressed the government’s need for additional sources of federal funding for relief operations and protection from future storms and the impact of climate change, speaking for a total value of 60.4 billion dollars.

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