12-4-2012: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

12-4-2012 Newshound Guru Med one thing i would like all to think about when thinking of the rv…a countries currency is only as strong as the govt that backs it…now remember about the strength of a currency and how we are seeing possibly movement for iraq right now to securing a stronger govt and currency. there is no way and i mean this with all sincerity that men like najafi or allawi or talibani or barzani will allow a new dictator or sadr even. they are trying to resolve this in a way of no bloodshed. that is why it is dragging out. they have kept this from turning into a civil war, yet keeping maliki from doing real irreparable damage. anything he has done can be easily reversed even all the stealing of money, they have so much wealth.

12-4-2012 Newshound Guru Tlar Article: “BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / House of Representatives voted on Saturday, the three laws began the second reading of the federal budget law for 2013.” If they can just get it done before the end of the year. This is extremely important to our investment. I believe it is two readings then a vote and then it is published in the gazzette before it becomes formal law.

12-4-2012 Intel Guru TerryK first of all logistics banking systems must all sync together…that would be tue night…2-3 am tue morning / wed when the banks talk next…tuesday night going into wed morning is the banking sync time…we would maybe have to wait 24-48 hours after that point which would take us into a thursday night. iraq banks closed on friday / saturday price adjustment in iraq re-program and when they open sunday you would see the currency, now if the banks talk on tuesday we may see it / we may not i will let you know. we will see wwiii or the rv this week… i have the rate…from my source in the imf…u will love the rate. im hearing a lot of positive things. my source told me tonight not to turn my phone off that they maybe calling me at 3 am.

12-4-2012 Intel Guru TerryK now thursday is the first day that wf is allowed to sell the dong again for years they can buy and sell the dong, do you hear what im saying. now i purchased dong thursday for 48 it went up to 59.79 today per mil so there is movement. 73 trillion is coming into the banking system this week i was advised that in the wf branch that my buddy works at today they received 1.9 trillion over the weekend what does that tell u.

12-4-2012 Intel Guru TerryK the lady of china is pushing for a global reset and pushing a certain person in the usa to rv, dont know how thats going to play out its not in the main stream news. a few things are going on as we speak, hong kong source is telling me that the dong is being traded right now for .47 in the mid east, cant verify… it is showing up on currency sites just not forex…forex guy is telling me its on the screens but has not been released…wf source is telling me its on the screens but not released.

12-3-2012 Intel Guru BellaGrits the Intel I was provided and believed whole heartedly for well over one year was merely false hope. Now it’s time to get real, my friends. New and exciting times are drawing near…This has never been just about an RV; it never was and it encompasses many more things than any of us can imagine…the people of IRAQ need this terribly…please remember I maintain my position, this has nothing to do with IRAQ…they have done their part…things are in progress…things are happening that I could never explain and much I don’t understand…I can’t tell you how much work is going on “behind the scenes” as I would put it….many people want to see your investment happen as quickly as possible…many have spent hours of their days to work together.

12-3-2012 Newshound Guru Bondlady The world’s largest banknote printer blamed the profit warning on delays to “a number of significant orders which had been expected and planned for production in the second half of the current financial year”…if this isn’t mainly talking about iraq, i dont know what other country de la rue was doing a major contract for. then…all of a sudden…laws were passed with the new proxy cbi govenor, which the goi/parl didn’t seem to want to pass for shabibi…and when you tie all of this in with our thanksgiving post of new and amended laws passed, counterfitting and money laundering laws… we…look for the changes happening…and they are happening…huge things as we watch a country being given life right before our eyes…truly exciting times…well i can’t see it any other way than we’re very close. [post 2 of 2]

12-3-2012 Newshound Guru Bondlady i’m going to do something i never do…repeat a rumor that was told to me…so take it as a rumor please…but because of things my team and i’ve discovered, there could be some truth to things…someone told me the currency was printed in the 1st part of november 2012, and was shipped at the end of nov. 2012…that being said….then we did some dela rue studies…this was a stockholders meeting from del a rue…”De La Rue issues profit warning after contract delays By Simon Nias Wednesday, 14 November 2012 De La Rue’s share price fell more than 5% on Tuesday after it was forced to cut its full-year earnings guidance in its six-month trading update” [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

12-3-2012 Intel Guru Angelquest we are waiting on them to release it to the world…period it is done..all that know me know I dont sucker punch but tell it like it is…IT IS DONE JUST WAITING FOR THE SHOW…ALL IS DONE BUT THE REVEALING OF IT TO US TO EXCHANGE.

12-2-2012 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Now that Shabibi is gone, we see articles coming out about the condition of the currency on the street. We believe they are going to move forward. We don’t know when. We know agreements have been signed and it appears from the pressure that the IMF is putting on pertaining to the IMF Stand by Agreement, they really have to do something. The problem with Iraq is that everything can change and even though you set a deadline of February of when the IMF extension expires, they find a way to get another extension. Lets hope that they don’t because every time they get an extension that just means it isn’t going to happen. The last thing that Maliki wants to do at this point, given the current conditions in Iraq, is give value to the currency. I guarantee it.

12-2-2012 Newshound Guru Kaperoni The GOI stepped in and said “wait a minute, we’re not ready, we don’t want this to occur” and stopped the event. Then there was a whole series of articles that the GOI has to work with the CBI. And this whole scenario repeated itself, all these articles came out with CBI saying we are ready to go. Again, the GOI stepped in and shut it down. Clearly, there were two occasions where the CBI was clearly ready to implement this project.

12-3-2012 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There was an article that came out in December 2010 and it clearly stated that Shabibi said once the government is formed and stable I will move forward with the project to delete or lift the zeros of the currency. A lot of sites took this during the entire year of 2011 as to why the event didn’t occur. The reality is in February 2011, Saleh came out and said the govt is stable enough, we are now moving forward with the deletion of zeros. Even though the govt isn’t where we want it they felt it was far enough along at the time to move forward. They were prepared in June 2011 and Shabibi came on TV and said at the end of this month I am going to implement this.

12-3-2012 Intel Guru BOBGETZ6 have heard it is done and until I get a phone call with the 800 number for the WF exchange, IT IS NOT DONE. Could we see to today, maybe by this afternoon, yes. I have three sources who will call me within minutes of the rv. Until then, it hasn’t happened. Supposedly the banking and investment laws in Iraq are now complete. Supposedly the new IQD has been printed and delivered. That is rumor, treat it as such.