12-2-2012: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

12-2-2012 Newshound Guru LoriC No one knows the date or rate for sure, that’s a very closely guarded secret but we do know that under article 46 the CBI has the power to make this move as they see fit and they’ve been saying January 2013 for quite some time now. Well, we’re almost there now and we know Iraq and its citizens are suffering with a worthless currency. I can’t see any reason to postpone it further.

12-2-2012 Newshound Guru LoriC Iraq’s goal is still to restructure their currency to make the IQD equal to the USD by the beginning of the new year. We should expect to see either the rate start to float up or a large revaluation any time now. There is a bogus report that the project will be put off until 2014. We’ve seen a hundred more that conflict with that and we know that it’s there job to put out some disinformation. This revaluation has received far more press than they ever intended thanks to the Internet.

12-2-2012 Newshound Guru Mountainman Iraq is one step closer to being released from Chap 7 with the new strategic partnership agreement they are signing during this next term. The statement said that this will pave the way for Chap 7 removal and enhance Iraq/Kuwait relations. The UNSC is running out of excuses to keep Iraq under sanctions and the international support for this cause is growing.

12-2-2012 Intel Guru Hammerman Maliki is not going anywhere and Shabibi is not going anywhere. Shabibi was granted a 9 to 18 month extension on his term. They do have someone to fill his position if anything should happen to him, he is training him, but he isn’t going anywhere without an RV. With or without Shabibi the RV should run smoothly. There is a lot of info that the VND had been showing at $.47. Let’s see what happens. I expect it to go as high as $2. – $2.50.

12-1-2012 Intel Guru BWM OK, here’s my timeline. I still have reasons to look between now and first quarter of next year. After that, I fear that things could escalate into 2014 but again, information changes daily so is there a chance this could happen now? SURE, but like every good discussion there are other factors you could say will cause this to take longer as many say that Iraq is in control (and I disagree completely).

12-1-2012 Intel Guru Winalot I have been thinking about this…There are 1 of 2 things going on right now…or both…the after hours traiding that is going on with the IQD and the VND…1. Countries are trading among themselves, and 2. banks trading off toxic derivatives. Here is how this would work: I am a visitor to a town. I stop at the local hotel, request a room. The hotel keeper tells me it will be $100. I agree, but I want to look at the room first. I give him the hundred, and go up to look. While I am up there, hotel keep runs to the butcher, who he owes $100 for the beef he serves, and pays him. Farmer runs to the grain mill, to pay for his feed, which he feeds the cows. The grain mill got the grain on loan, so he runs to the bank to pay off his loan, which is $100. The banker has a girlfriend, and uses the hotel, to whom he owes $100, and he goes to pay off his bill. Soon after, I come down, don’t like the room, and get my $100 back. Everyone is paid and i still have my $100. until they get done horse trading… here we sit. I do think that they are about done, or we wouldn’t be seeing numbers changing.

12-1-2012 Newshound Guru Med All I can say after reading all the news is holy ***** this thing is about to explode. It appears that Maliki is pushing and pushing the Kurds into a corner and he is looking for them to either buckle and then Maliki is the winner takes all or he is looking for an actual fight. I have seen nothing to make me believe that Maliki wont use any tactic.

12-1-2012 Intel Guru Panda Express There are a lot of currencies and a lot of pairings and a lot of things going on. I can’t imagine the technical stuff that has to go on to make this work. But we have watched a lot of these currencies that are in the same area and the VND against the Hong Kong dollar has been at .37 for the last three days. As we see these additional currencies start pairing up it leads us to believe we gotta be getting closer.

12-1-2012 Intel Guru Panda Express [new guru] It (VND) has been consistently trading against the Euro at 36-37 cents for over a week. Now that is a one-way pairing. In other words, you can’t run down to your local branch or currency exchange and do anything with it. At the close of business tonight (Friday) the USD against the VND overnight bid was $.58 and the ask $1.18. It has been stuck on that for the last 48 hours. The USD against the VND has been fluctuating between 38 and 36 cents since November 16th.