Pentagon plans to expand the activities of U.S. intelligence

Pentagon plans to expand the activities of U.S. intelligence

Sunday 2 December 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
The newspaper “The Washington Post” and the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) is planning to set up a spy network competition and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a major operation to expand intelligence gathering activities.

The newspaper, citing U.S. military officials unnamed, that part of this project of sending hundreds of additional spies to outside of the United States also plan to reform and the Defense Intelligence Agency, which focused its activities in the past decade on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The newspaper added that agency is supposed to include after the end of the reform process around 1600 of “intelligence collectors” in the world, a major expansion as the number of people deployed in the world did not exceed hundreds of people in recent years.

The total number includes continued military Mahgayn and others will not work in official positions, but officials said the “Washington Post” that the plan also includes the deployment of a new generation of secret agents trained by the CIA.

Will these new elements with the American leadership for operations, but will be assigned duties espionage by the Ministry of Defense.

The paper said that the Pentagon intelligence priorities are armed groups operating in Africa and the transfer of weapons from North Korea, Iran, and the ongoing modernization of the military sector in China.

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