12-1-2012: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

12-1-2012 Newshound Guru Med To me Maliki is making a huge blunder in errors now he cuts the salaries of the Kurdish military instead of calming the fires. It seems like almost Maliki is purposely trying to divide the country into a civil war. I wish I was a fly on the wall of the meetings when the big three Talibani, Allawi and Barzani meet.

12-1-2012 Newshound Guru Mountainman Saturday is a big day for Parliament. The House is voting on five laws including the Federal Court, Supreme Judicial Council, the first and second readings of the nine laws and discussing the work report of the integrity Commission.

12-1-2012 Intel Guru Bear5642 I really can’t share some of the info I have because some people would get in trouble, especially me. I have spoken to people way up and found that only one can be trusted. That’s with WFB. I can tell you this, it is not in Iraq’s hands any longer. Both [Dong & IQD ?] have been showing activity with test rates. Back wall is no later than january 2013. Remember I am a pastor so I don’t lie or fabricate any intel. I have my sources and just got a new one born and raised in Iraq married to an American in the USA. Well I can tell you are extremely close for the RV.

12-1-2012 Newshound Guru Doc The positive note is the report did highlight much progress in Iraq. We find the speed of progress similar to watching paint dry. However, progress is being made and we must remind ourselves this is new territory in the history of Iraq and to a large extent very foreign to their culture. The bottom line is we continue to believe in the value of this investment but truth be told it appears we will have to watch the paint dry for a while longer. We report, you decide.

12-1-2012 Newshound Guru Doc It was reported by others that chapter 7 was lifted. Unfortunately this was once again premature. The report of the Secretary-General highlighted progress between Kuwait and Iraq but encouraged both parties to accelerate progress to COMPLETE all outstanding issues to which they both agreed. Our question here is simple – how could Iraq be released when they have not completed all requirements for release? The report also suggests the UN continue to be involved with Iraq through 2013.

11-30-2012 Newshound Guru Kaperoni IMO there is no way Iraq can wait very long before they make it internationally convertible. IMO, based on what I know, the rate will be a float and that gets the ball rolling. Keep in mind the there is a substantial advantage to this float. It is a sure way to raise the value of the dinar (and the dinar out of country) some 7-10 trillion, that Iraq does not have to pay for. Banks, speculators, etc. pay for it through the Forex and it ends up in central banks around the world. So Iraq sees the results (value) and the benefits (cost) of a float. Removing the zeros will happen as a result of the float. As the rate rises, the zeros go away (remove the zeros).

11-30-2012 Newshound Guru Doc After reviewing the recent report of the Secretary-General concerning progress in Iraq our most recent opinion that the RV is not imminent is further solidified. The most telling quote is in the summary of internal developments which stated “…political blocs pursued their consultations aimed at resolving the continuing political stalemate in Iraq. While there were several initiatives in this regard, no tangible progress was made on any of them.” Basically this sums up our previous arguments that none of the key issues have been resolved and this report suggests they are still a ways away from resolution. The report went on to highlight the tension between Maliki and the Kurds and in particular HCl. As stated previously it appears it will take much more time for resolution.

11-30-2012 Newshound Guru LoriC There is an important meeting next week with all the big hitters that may lead to the end of the political tensions and an agreement on the reforms. Allawi, Talabani and Barazani are coming together to unify their positions and the rumor is that they have already come to a consensus among themselves and that this is just to finalize it.

11-30-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana There is always a chance that we will have to RUN to the bank and take whatever rate we can get. I feel pretty confident that if Iraq says “Ok the rate is now $1″ – they will be able to maintain it and control the situation. BUT if they lose control, chaos erupts, and the value starts sliding downward – it may be wise to simply take whatever you can get.

11-30-2012 Intel Guru Footforward Iraq has not been removed from Chapter 7. Some say they were, this is 100% false & is based on an old article that was published today [Thursday]. This is psychological warfare & it’s going to continue until the RV occurs. Also, the dong showing up with different rates is psychological warfare. The tariff laws will go into affect after the RV happens. If they did it before it would be disastrous for their economy. If Iraq doesn’t RV, they will be in dire straits. They need to have the dinar strong in order to be a strong nation. You can’t have a country that is thriving & using another countries currency. It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. All my sources are looking for this now. It should have already happened.

11-30-2012 Intel Guru SteveI Now to address a possible rate, many boards will be very conservative and predict a one to one ratio, however, I will stand behind my thoughts. Over a year ago the 3.22 was taken as a date…Well, that was blown out of the water. If you go look at my past posts and research, you will find ample news documents and posts to assure you that it will not be anything but a rate that is consistent within the region. So in summary, if you take all of the news articles and connect the dots, they are leading to one thing, and that is Iraq is and will bring their currency to a proud value that represents their assets. Also, remember the very close oil sharing, among other things, with Kuwait. And what is the value of the Kuwait Dinar? Exactly. I need say no more.

11-30-2012 Intel Guru SteveI the 2013 budget…Will or will it not contain the new revalued rate. If you all recall, it has been in print that the new budget will be in the new currency rate. It is also based on the $90 oil price. I think another hint is all of the news regarding the lifting of the three zeros. They state it will happen at the beginning of the physical period. If you recall last month (October) the Economic Committee Members stated the rush to delete the zeros currency, and it must start early 2013. So does this mean January 1, or thereafter. Now [Not ?] really sure, but I have to wonder, if the budget is in fact using the new rate, it would be January 1st. The 2013 budget has been read once and is ready for a second and final reading. We know that the new budget will start Jan 1st 2013.