Attorney Mayahi demanded change the current policy of the Central Bank to save the national currency

Attorney Mayahi demanded change the current policy of the Central Bank to save the national currency from degradation

Date: 09/29/2012 06:52:35 Saturday

Baghdad (news) .. Student member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / mass white / Aziz Mayahi, pursuing new monetary policy kept pace progress in the field of financial and banking in the world and change the current policy pursued by the central bank as threatening the local currency to deteriorate.
said Mayahi (of the Agency news): There a lot of negative indicators monitored in the work of the central bank, especially violations recent occurred in the process of buying and selling the dollar in the auction and allow brokers to manipulate the price of the Iraqi dinar exchange against the U.S. dollar. added: that the committee formed in the House of Representatives regarding audit and monitor the work of central bank auction will raise report to the Council within the next few days, which indicates initially about the existence of mistakes and significant violations occurred where the central bank. explained: that monetary policy in the country must cope with the evolution in the world, particularly in the financial and banking, in addition to the current policy pursued by the Bank Central proved their failure must be change current policy and the adoption of a new monetary policy to support the local currency and save it from deterioration. For his part, President of Supreme Audit earlier that during the few days will show the results of the Committee’s report investigative House of Representatives. was House Speaker Osama Najafi He stressed, (Sept. 10 2012 (on the need to adopt the current policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in light of the regional situation troubled politically, economically and socially as well as having convinced that the dollar seeps out of the country illegally, while calling for the need to facilitate procedures for citizens to currency Bank in critical situations. / end / 8. n. p /
Source: ikhnews