CBI calls on the Iraqi government to open economic bridges with friendly countries

BAGHDAD / With: called Deputy Governor of the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Thursday, the Iraqi government to open economic bridges with some friendly countries which established good relations with Iraq to persuade them to enter its work in Iraq.

Saleh said the reporter and news agency the future, that: “There are friendly states had filed Iraq with good relations like China, Korea, Japan, India and other countries, and these countries are prepared to come to Iraq model companies financed and carried out projects, and this form of enterprise is the best in the current stage of the country , because the country live status is restricted, which forces you to the business model and not be your choice. “

He pointed out that: “The World Bank will lend Iraq when we arrived in 2014, which would establish a so-called bank information works to provide expertise and evaluation of projects and ideas, and does not provide the money, especially since the international community believed that Iraq had finished the transitional phase, and is ready to lend to countries Others, not borrowed money. “

The House of Representatives has postponed the vote on the law of infrastructure which will contract with several foreign companies to implement service projects in Iraq in the health sector, education and housing payment on credit system.