Central Bank’s (people): Currency will not be replaced during 2013

Central Bank’s (people): Currency will not be replaced during 2013
Khaled al-Haidari

Published 25/09/2012 07:55 AM

Iraqi Central Bank announced that the currency will not be replaced during the coming period, not even through 2013. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told (people) that the process of replacing the currency and raise zeros it needs major work, and within the business associated with the replacement of the currency to start restricting the books calculations for the fiscal year, and this did not happen in the books of 2013, so it will not be Switch currency over the next year and I am confident to do so. Although there are a device for anti-money laundering at the Central Bank, and this device to prevent the introduction of counterfeit currency through the process of switching the currency, but the deputy central bank governor said: There is no perfect condition in all respects, it is people enter counterfeit currency during the replacement process has not this happens, it is important that an exceptional case and not mainly a companion to the currency exchange operations, we want to be a successful process of structuring currency because it is a strategic project for the State of Iraq has positives citizen C_lemsha. Saleh said the project raise zeros important, and considers the project a reformist government, but the problem is the timing of the switch, Vlgaah today there is no agreement on a specific date to begin. .
Source: alnaspaper