Delete the zeros project could create billions to be laundered

member stressed the Economic Commission parliamentary Hussein Mura’bi that confusion in the monetary policy makes the country lose about eight million dollars a year, while warning that the issue of deletion of zeros will facilitate the mafia money laundering steal billions without feeling state, called to examine the impact on the situation year.

Mura’bi for “Alsumaria News”, “Switch currency and delete the zeros requires the approval of the House of Representatives, but the central bank is believed to be the owner of the word and chapter,” noting that “the members of the Committee expressed many reservations on the grounds that Iraq today passes Bmkhadhat many under confusion monetary policy, which suffers from clear Taktabat and differences. “

He Mura’bi that “these differences may reach eight million dollars a year, if the comparison between the claims of the central bank and the black market, and he won obscene affect the economy in the country,” noting that “with the blunders current and the presence of money laundering, there is counted as doubts among some lawmakers and the relevant parliamentary committees. “

He Mura’bi that “Subject is misplaced today, because we need to review the monetary policy in a scientific, and access to the stability in the exchange rate,” asserting that “economic imbalances affect the security and economic situation and connects to mess up on the political, economic and social.”

The Mura’bi that “the Commission warned the central bank would not step this step, but after the audit and the Council of Ministers, on the grounds that the budget of the Council systematically and vehicle according to current currency”, but he also said that “a great disaster is that there is no coordination between the two policies, we do not We believe that there is an opinion of the Central Bank in the budget and its compatibility and requirements, so you must study and discussion by the two financial and economic participation of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance to be of competent jurisdiction gives its opinion on the impact of Multi deletion of zeros on the general situation. “

He Mura’bi that “Multi deletion of zeros raised it many negative, we did not see any positives about it, and what are the necessary him,” warning “money laundering because the currency will be withdrawn from the market the most fraudulent, and consequently subject to washing and there will be a loss of billions of dollars without that the government feels it. “

And assured Mura’bi that “in light of the instability of the current monetary policy there is a mafia taking advantage of blunders in the exchange rate which can be pumped money forged in the period in which the withdrawal of currency by about billions, without being able to control bodies found.”