CBI: Banking conference in London calls on Iraq to amend the law on investments

Central Bank of Iraq that banking conference held in London last week called to amend the Iraqi Investment Law. said Deputy Governor of the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement told the National Iraqi News / Nina /: “The conference, which was held in London, attended by government institutions, Discuss obstacles advent investment to Iraq with companies and foreign banks. “

and added: “The conference came out with recommendations most important amendment Iraqi investment law, in relation to the allocation of land and titled and the creation of a suitable ground for the arrival of foreign companies that have expressed their desire to enter the Iraqi market.”

explained “that the conference was held in the largest financial center in the world, to discuss the financial sector, investment and the convergence of views between Iraq and the countries of the world including the overcoming obstacles and discuss investment opportunities offered in all the provinces and urban centers of Iraq. “

and pointed out that “the presence of government institutions this conference reinforced the credibility and the desire of Iraq coming companies investment for the reconstruction of infrastructure, as Congress saw an international presence and a wide range of international companies differently. “

The Iraqi delegation senior attended the investment conference in the banking sector and banks in Iraq, which was held in London on 18 and 19 of this month. described financial sources in the Iraqi statements to the media earlier, this conference, as: “will make Iraq a bank to finance the economies bankrupt and saving banks Europe and the United States as is the case with the banking sector the Gulf, and show Iraqi officials investment opportunities in the financial sector will pave the sale to Iraq of the banking sector foreign, and thus lead to the enactment of laws to facilitate penetration of foreign companies to the banking sector of Iraq, and to identify key projects for the start of the project penetration financial. “

But an economist at the Ministry of Finance Hilal Taan said in an earlier statement to the National Iraqi News / Nina /: “The financial sector in Iraq is the central bank and the stock market and banks government and private, so that can not be definitely sell this sector to any third party whatever their nationality. ” and added: “The Iraqi banks need to gain experience of Arab banks and foreign, being more sophisticated ones, and that comes through the merger between banks for years to be determined by agreement between merging parties.