What the central bank issued proceedings against contractors?

What the central bank issued proceedings against contractors?

20/04/2017 14:14

What the central bank issued proceedings against contractorsCentral Bank announced on Thursday that the rate of interest for dues contractors in national bonds , which will give them on behalf of the Ministry of Finance will be 5%, stressing that he will not bear any error in those receivables because it depends issued lists by the finance and planning ministries only.

He said the media office of the bank manager, Acer Jabbar, in a statement, that ” the Central Bank of Iraq will on behalf of the Ministry of Finance as a financial agent regardless of dues late contractors after the completion of the Office of Financial Supervision Federal scrutiny of those dues , where bond interest will be 5% per annum and the duration of the maturity of three Years”.

He added Jabbar said , “The Ministry of Planning will prepare lists of contractors eligible and the amounts owed to them and sent to the Ministry of Finance after being signed and stamped by the two ministries , ” pointing out that ” the role of the Central Bank of Iraq is to deliver bonds to contractors, according to their entitlements based on the lists received from the two ministries (Finance and planning) and the Central Bank of Iraq bears no responsibility for the health of the amounts owed to the contractors. ”

He explained that “there is a requirement for the contractor must be carried out to obtain the bond , ” which is also cited by the bank statement:

1. Bring the archives of personal color in two in the event that the contractor (natural or legal)

2. For companies requires the following: – (

a) bring the company meeting shown Minutes Director of the Commissioner and the name of the company ‘s full name (current).

( B ) bring the book company registered with the Registrar of Companies in the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce certified for the year 2016 and above.

( C ) In the event that an Arab company or foreign in addition to paragraphs (a, b) referred to above , the authorization is stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq for the two countries concerned, as well as sealed from the Iraqi Embassy in the countries concerned for the 2016 renewal of 2017. (

d ) gripping personal manager Commissioner or his passport and brought the company seal.

3. The forms are delivered and bonds to private contractors managing director in the case of the fact that the agency managing director of the receipt of bonds and certified by a notary 2017. proves where

4. the contractor signed a written pledge to the Central Bank of Iraq that there are no obligations on it from government banks.

5. Contractors will be a review of the Iraqi Central Bank to receive the forms for the granting of bonds in accordance with the lists to be published on the website of the Central Bank of Iraq and by the dates so contractors must follow up on this site www.cbi.iq.

6. Contractors will be provided by the banks after a period of deduction bonds from the receipt of the forms.

7. In the case of a contractor ‘s commitment to the three government banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Trade Bank of Iraq) forwarded the forms for the bank to the contractor concerned.

8. In the absence of an obligation on the contractor shall be referred to one of the forms of government banks for the purposes of the discount in the case of the contractor ‘s desire to deduct bonds either in the case of the unwillingness of the contractor to deduct the bond to be given the bond contractor.