Washington exempts 11 countries, including Japan and European countries from the application of U.S. sanctions on Iran

Posted       21/03/2012 09:04 AM

BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – United States decided Tuesday, exempting 11 countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Spain from financial sanctions targeting institutions that contribute to the export of Iranian oil. said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement that “this exemption for a period of 180 days and viable renewable includes countries dramatically reduced the size of its imports of Iranian oil. ” There is a U.S. law new is supposed to come into effect soon impose sanctions on… financial institutions that have relations with the Central Bank of Iran, who runs the oil business in Iran. Clinton said in its statement that “the measures taken by the These countries were not easy and had to re-consider its needs for energy in a period where the global economy a delicate stage, and find an alternative to Iran’s oil quickly. ” and the countries concerned by this exemption are Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic. included the Ministry of U.S. Treasury over the past five years, 23 entities linked to Iran of the blacklist to narrow this down on Iran’s ability to establish business relations with the world against the backdrop of its nuclear program is controversial, as it looks today to tighten the economic and financial sanctions on Iran and Syria. aide said Congress Monday (19 March) that a member of the Senate Republican Mark Kirk, one of architects of the latest round of sanctions, signed by President Barack Obama to become law in force, along with other members of Congress, pay the U.S. administration to take stronger measures against Iran over its nuclear program, adding that he will unveil legislation to impose further isolation on Iran by punishing foreign companies that engage in activities with any Iranian company for energy, such as providing insurance services and engineering and is also developing a draft action will prevent any company from dealing in financial markets, the U.S. if it continues to deal with Iran’s energy sector. and authorized Union EU in January 23, 2012 package of new sanctions on Iran, including a ban on its oil sector, and the freezing of assets of the Central Bank of Iran and the prohibition of all forms of trade in gold and other precious metals with the bank and other government agencies. The international community accuses Tehran of using its civilian nuclear program declared to hide the plan to develop atomic weapons pose a serious threat to the security of the region, while still remaining United Nations imposed sanctions on Tehran over this file and for not allowing international inspectors to visit centers of reactors to determine their nature, and while Iran has repeatedly denied seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, asserting that the aim of its nuclear program is civilian exchange approved production of over 4,500 kilograms of enriched uranium since 2007, an amount sufficient to produce four nuclear weapons, according to estimates by experts.