Wael Abdul Latif, the political crisis will continue until 2014 .. The parties have the authority believes the process of “burn time”

On: Sun 03/25/2012 15:13

Baghdad (news) .. MP and former Wael Abdul Latif, the discovery of new documents confirming the fraud in the elections of 2010, by a third major political lead the country now, referring to the political crisis can not be solved because it originated on the looting of the rights and give to the others for that will continue until 2014. 
said Abdul Latif said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: The political process was… born, “lame” because of the differences and uncertainties, appeals and accusations Ttrahq by political forces, revealing the discovery of new documents confirms election fraud in 2010, in favor of hand political runs the country now, refusing to disclose more details. 
He added: There are some politicians run the country with the mentality contrary to the democratic mind, this mental and intellectual who does not want democracy to be established properly and the growth of the political process, because the parties which won no parties in power believe in now. ” burn time “to reach the goals and achievements up to election 2014 to establish from its base across the full range of arms owned by and is missing it by others. 
said Abdul Latif to: that the differences between the political forces is not the result today and it started in 2006 and therefore could not resolve these differences with the existence of a power struggle and all the political blocs that talk about the differences are differences of power and therefore, some want to account for them and the other part wants to gain from it and the other part denied. 
and the former vice: that the crisis of authority in the country is the cause of its destruction over the centuries so it does not Summit Arab and the National Conference and Roundtable will contribute to solving the crisis originated looting rights and give it to others and will continue to be the situation for what it is now to the elections in 2014. 
and was a member of a coalition of state law, MP / National Alliance / Ali Falh, he said that Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki is facing criticism of others in a calm and rational, and the man became the strongest and best to run the country, noting that al-Maliki walks in the country properly and the evidence that the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad. 
He Falh in an earlier statement (the news) that al-Maliki listens to all the criticisms that amount to charges, but he faced in a quiet being careful to run the country properly and rationally. 
and pointed out: that the objectors to manage al-Maliki for the country to Airidonh to walk properly, has been bothered this progress, criticizing some political blocs to continue attacking the person al-Maliki and disrupt the political process in light of preparations Iraq to host the Arab summit. 
The National Alliance MP: That criticism has increased significantly with the success and development of Iraq, but in the other just “bubbles” media, stressing that the forces encountered on the management of al-Maliki of the country “dispersed” among them, how is that facing the power coherent national Kalthalv?. / Finished / 2. n.